Looking for guideline to add a front light powered by the battery (vibe)


In the past i added light to a hibike sduro and a cannondale synpase, but since the battery is non removable i need guidline to add a light on my vibe h30. I need either to access the light power plug inside the fame and to toute the cable or to split the wire connected to the "to be seen"front light.

So i probably need the sort of bluebook or operation book that bike shop do have.

It is not very complex, but it may take some time so the price at a bikeshop may be a bit too high.

So if you have pointer (how to remove the battery, how to access th power plugs etc...) they would be welcome/
You can download the blue paper from the Vibe product page on the Orbea website. The task of adding a light to the existing wiring looks like it will be quite awkward and time consuming. In the blue paper you need to look at pages 69-73.

Hope this helps.