Currie Electrodrive Compatible Bike Lights

Patty in Sequim

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I just purchased an iZip Tri Star Plus with the Currie Electrodrive System. It is pre-wired for lights with a plug system.
The battery is 417 Wh. Any recommendations for compatible front and tail lights?

UPDATE: Well, the manufacturer says it uses 6 volt lights, and the connectors that are pre-wired from the motor to the front and back of the bike have "fin" connectors. Now I need to figure out how to connect to a fin connetor. 🧐 I am definately electrically challenged.

FINAL UPDATE: My lights are installed and work! My iZip came prewired with male 2.8 mm spade connectors, front and back. For supplies I purchased the lights from the German bicycle shop Starbike via Amazon, and the crimper from an Amazon vender. From Perennial Cycle, I ordered the B+M 2.8 mm spade connectors, the B+M seat hanger to hang the rear light from my bicycle seat, and a longer fork bolt. Thank you very much to the many You Tubers with videos on attaching a spade connector. It was easier than I thought.

Busch+Muller IQ-XS E. - has daytime running light.
The light came with bare wires with a plastic tip at the end...pull that off. The front of the bike came with 2 wires both with female spade connectors and a clear shrink wrap. I purchased 2.8 mm male B+M spade connectors and the appropriate crimpers for 2.8 mm spade connectors. I attached the male spade connectors to the light's wires using the crimper and then inserted the male spades into the appropriate female connectors on the bike (black to black, and white to red). I then used a blow dryer to heat the shrink wrap. I had to buy a longer bolt to mount the light to my fork. That was the easy part.

Busch+Muller Toplight Line Brex - has brake light.
The light has male connectors. The bike has female connectors and clear shrink wrap. It was easy to slide the bike's female spades onto the light's male connectors, then heat the shrink wrap. Red wire is positive.
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Without knowing the input/output and connections available on your specific bike it would be hard to recommend something compatible. The manufacturer should be able to provide those and from there you can get a better idea of what is available on the market. I would suppose there are going to be quite a few options.
All you need is the right size (insulated) spade connectors which you can get from an electronics store, or online. They can be crimp or solder fittings which you attach to the ends of your (6v) light wires, which you may need to cut, strip, and crimp onto the flat spades.