Easy Motion Neo City rear light wiring


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Purchased a used E-motion Neo City. Works fine, but I noticed the rear light wasn't working. The front light works, at 6V ac from the front wheel hub generator, which puts out up to 10V or perhaps more at high speed; it has pins for an output that according to some posts here might be used with a rear light--I'll test the output.

This bike has a wire going under back fender, presumably for the tail light, but the wire had been cut. When I removed the light, I found it was a dummy - no bulbs or LEDs inside. I pulled the wire out from under the fender and stripped the ends. I tracked the wire back to the controller, so I assume the back light is run from the main battery, but there is 0V at the wires. Something wrong in the controller? I'd have to take it apart to check continuity in the rear light wires....

There are switches on the brake handles, for brake lights. Both switches work and go to a five-pin connector that goes presumably to the controller. The ony way I can see brake and tail lights on two wires is for the controller to send two different voltages.

Can anybody steer me to a wiring diagram for the Neo City, or tell me how to get voltage to the wires so I can hook up another light?

Thanks in advance.
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-the dummy light has an imp. role, i did open it years ago , but forgot what exactly it had inside(a small circuit board i think ??) the 2 wires go inside that dummy light first and then out and to the real LED light that sits right on top of the dummy one.

With my BH , there are no brake lights. Just a solid LED light once the ebike power is ON.

Can no longer open it(the dummy light opens in order to access the wiring) b/c it is quite a hassle and easy to break. I would like to replace the rear rack on my BH Nitro and b/c of the way the light is routed it can not be done very easily. But at least it works...

I'm Not sure why there's no V @the wires ?? Near the controller is there voltage ? I would unplug/plug back and/or strip a small piece of the wiring near the controller. If you email them(BH Spain) they will help out with info/diagram from my exp.
Thank you for your comment. The "dummy" rear light is a hollow reflector, totally empty. No circuit board. I'll try BH and your other suggestion.