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Patty in Sequim

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I just purchased an iZip TriStar Plus. It is pre-wired from the motor to the front and back of the bike for lights that can be controlled thru the Currie Electrodrive system. However, it has "fin" connectors and I cannot figure out how those connect a "fin" connector to the lights I am seeing on the market. Also, iZip told me that I will need to use 6 volt lights.
I am not electrically inclined so I am looking for help on either light models that use a fin connector, or how to convert that connector to one of the standard plugs (shimano, bosch, broser or yamaha).


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All you need is the right size (insulated) spade connectors which you can get from an electronics store, or online. They can be crimp or solder fittings which you attach to the ends of your light wires, which you may need to cut, strip, and crimp onto the flat spades.