Pairing the Enviolo with your app

To pair the Enviolo with your app, turn the bike on, open the app, and hold the white button in on the hub for 3-5 seconds, until it starts to flash blue. I just learned this from Rich at Enviolo. I did the firmware update, lowered the cadence from 75 to 66, and calibrated the hub while pedaling. Wow, it is more fun than ever now. This is a very fine and most excellent machine!
what changes did you make to the hub? I should get mine next week, just got the notice to schedule delivery today.
We have been struggling with the enviolo on my wife’s rush/city. About a month in it just stopped shifting. A call to Serial 1 support was very helpful. we upgraded firmware and confirmed it was connected properly. It still wasn’t working. Looked at a couple of YouTube videos and looked at cadence. Lowered it to 60 and it seemed work fine. Until it cut out on a ride a few weeks later. I had wife turn on and off and it once again was working fine.

Yesterday it happened again. (Honestly, I forgot about the turning on and off solution). Linked up with the app updated firmware again. Set it To comfort mode and made some adjustments to cadence and the next item down. Lowered it because enviola seemed to say that made starting pedaling easier. Went for ride today and in last mile it cutout again.
Havent tried calibration yet. Serial 1 support advised that this was not necessary, but I am wondering if I should.
Has anyone else had problems like this or know what calibration does?
the Enviolo cvt is a great feature and my wife is much happier not having to shift. Thanks.
I updated my firmware and also did the calibration - meaning you peda with assist turned off on flat ground.
Also - if the battery is low or close to it, assist will be less, it’s true of all battery powered devices.
Not to say it couldn’t be a manufacturer’s defect.
Even if you did a minor repair due to electronics. Regardless of the mechanism, you look inside, always check whether there are any screws left. I recently had an unfortunate accident. My friend forgot one of the screws and it cost me a lot. The calibration system is another matter in itself. It doesn't work without it.
I'm happy to report that my Serial 1 enviolo v brose controller issues have been completely resolved with the help of Tyler at Serial 1 support. I was sent some equipment to update the hub/firmware and had some trouble installing drivers so everything would talk to each other, but, it's fixed. I also had to delete and then reinstall the enviolo app from my iphone which suddenly asked me to update.... which i did... then it updated the Hub as well. So far so good. Just for giggles this is the instructions i was sent:

Updating the Brose Software on a Serial 1 E-Bike
Download links
Serial 1 Login: [email protected] Password: #xX&09E5oVT#

After Software is downloaded

-Access display connector/bike harness by removing the left handlebar grip and disconnecting the plug.

-Plug in the Brose Service Tool to the computer through a USB port and connect the two Brose Prongs to the display and bike harness.

-Turn on the E-bike using the power button on the front of the display unit. -Open the Brose E-Bike Service Tool Application
-Login using the account you have created??? Or above login Information. -Once logged in click on the Maintenance option.

-Under Bike Info look for Connected Bike and select Connect to establish a connection to the bike. -Once the bike is connected look in the Software Update column for an update.
-Select the update and the bike will begin to update. (Should only take a minute)

Reflashing the whole system (for motor failure incidents)

Go to production→connect bike in the top right corner under brose and login name→Select bike model (RUSH_CTY_EU-25KPH or RUSH_CTY_US-20MPH) and click apply under model selection and that should do it.

If not go to Home→Maintenance→Connect→Diagnose and see if anything happens. Check for other updates...