Issues with "New Code" to pair bike to updated Omni app


Has anyone else had trouble getting your Stromer to issue a "New Code" QR code for pairing bike to Omni app?
I've got a Stromer ST2S and my dealer recently replaced my torque sensor. It looks like they also updated the Omni C firmware because I found that my iOS Omni mobile app was not connecting with my bike. After a few tries, I decided to delete my "old" bike (same bike but no longer being recognized by the app) and attempted to add my bike back.
The "Instructions for pairing" are quite clear, and I can get to the "NEW CODE" prompt on my bike's Omni-C display, but pressing the New Code touchscreen button does nothing.
Trying to work through it with my local Stromer dealer, but wanted to see if anyone else has advice.