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I'm looking for an e-bike but have some specific needs.

I'm short- 5'3.

I am heavy- 265 lbs. But I've done a lot of biking.

I have wrist issues- carpal tunnel, numbness and tingling- that are intensified by my current non-electric hybrid bike. I've read a more upright bike may help.

I plan to use the bike mainly as a commuter; I have a 12-mile one-way commute with 200-300' elevation gain (no really steep hills.)

I'm primarily interested in reliability and comfort; price isn't much of a concern.
I'm new here myself, but Pedego City Cruiser, step through version, smaller size (they do one with 26" wheels and one with 28"). Absolutely enough power to get you up any hill you may encounter, position can be adjusted since the handlebars can be moved easily, and its mission is pretty much exactly what you want to do. Heavy duty everything in the bike construction.

There are surely other great choices, but it would be hard to go wrong with one of these.
The Pedego is a good suggestion. If you want to compare it to something else...try a full-suspension bike like Haibike.

I also have the numb hands problem. If I find a solution, I'll let you know ;)
Any bike with pedal assist will eliminate the stress of pressing or twisting a throttle and look for a bike with a low step build and adjustable stem or handlebars so you can adjust the bars to a comfortable position. Most ebikes can handle your weight; however, do go with a larger motor, say 500-750 watts if you're looking a hub motor based system.

My hands get sore from leaning forward on the handlebars, thus the suggestion of a more upright positioning and consider wearing some well padded cycling gloves; that helps me best. Choose one size larger than an average fit to reduce pressure from the glove as your hands heat up while riding.

Court also has a couple of mini overviews in his Guides section that have suggestions for bikes for larger or heavier folks and one for shorter people. These are a handy resource and good starting place for a lot of info.
I'm 5'6" and can highly recommend the BH neo jet (one size fits all) and Haibike fs rx which come in multiple sizes. In particular there is a new Haibike purpose built for shorter rides. I have found the component upgrades, full suspension on fatter 27.5 tires, higher end motor, and engineering to be worth the extra spend on Haibike.
I have a Pedego 24" Intercepter. I love it, the handlebars adjust forward and back. I am able to sit upright better, which is helping to take pressure off of my hands and wrists.
And I am just under 5'4". I am on my 3rd and last (for now) ebike, in 1 year.
My feet couldn't safely reach the ground while sitting, and that was an issue for me.
Absolutely read Courts reviews!
Good luck
I also suggest you look at an A2B Alva+. It is built like a tank, has easy entry V-frame, and is one of the few bikes that has pedal assist and a full throttle that can be used without having to first turn pedal assist off. We've sold a lot of them and the customer feedback has been very strong. You can google the bike or check them out on our website at velocitycommuting.com
Thanks for the suggestions, all! I'll look into your suggestions and I'm also considering Evelo Aurora.
Suspension fork makes a big difference for me with CP. If no suspension then airing down the tires helps. Look at wider, cushy tires versus hard, skinny speed tires like Durano's (ouch).
3 points of contact for our body and bike. Butt - Hands - Feet/Legs To take pressure off the hands you have to shift that weight to the butt unless you use your legs (Hard) to support yourself and take load off butt.
If you are older and or have health issues like carpal tunnel, bad back, etc full suspension can be nigh on a miracle for many of us.
I was recumbent only for 15+ years (carpal tunnel and butt mostly, back some) until I lusted after a full suspension haibike so much that I bought one (demo for 1/2 price!) unridden to try.
2 years later it's ALL I ride.
Schwable Super Moto X street tires and it's a fabulous street bike. one that soaks up potholes and the little bumps that quickly take my hands out (numb) without.
Someone here has a suspension steering stem? or similar that sounds like it ought to help CP.
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