Which Bike for Ebike Conversion?

The pedals look too far back relative to the seat on the Bria; is pedalling OK? How long are the cranks?
All I can say is that it is a great ride. I took it on a 20+ mile very hilly route and other than expected frame flex it felt like riding any other cruiser bike. I also rented a same/similar non-ebike and rode it all over Mackinac Island. That was years ago but I recall having liked it just as much back then.
Here is a Bafang mid-drive kit conversion on the OZARK Trails Ridge, a few issues. Probably this is the BBSHD, but I don't know much about mid-drives. I'm not sure if the mounting issues could be solved by using a smaller chainring. He didn't specify which one he got in the video. Any comments on that? I don't think I'd feel comfortable without the motor bracket on, and that would probably help also position the motor to prevent the brake line pinching? He went for the 1000W 52V motor and 20Ah battery, not a cheap kit purchased retail through Amazon.
I tried putting a BBS02 on that exact bike. Even with a 42t Lekkie with the most inward offset, the chainline was on the smallest cog due to the use of spacers. Couldn't overcome the chainstay clearance angle. Re-assembled and returned 5 days later. For a suitable bike, I would always begin with the chainstay clearance angle near the bottom bracket, then frame integrity, frame triangle, then the ability to install 2.2" - 3" tires. I like having a frame triangle battery bag.


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