NYC PSA E-bike Battery Fires 11/11/22 NBC News

…the backlash continues, this is what I feared and I hope this action does not take off, but Universities tend to follow one another on safety issues. I note Fordham U is not on the Bicycle League’s list of bicycle friendly universities (BFU), but neither is my University employer. The League of American Bicyclists should incorporate building safe battery charging facilities into it’s BFU program.

In other news BRAIN reported in July the NBDA visited Underwriters Laboratory "to discuss safe charging and storage for lithium batteries and establish a national registry of e-bike brands that are UL 2849 certified" Source
We are not ready to transform all our transportation to electric. Financially, infrastructure, safety, power grid, sustainability are all lacking to fully support EV's. Not to mention North America is not willing to mine materials for batteries. We are just not ready and trying to force it now will hurt a lot of people. I thought we would be ready by now, but like most people I didn't account for all these issues. The media has mostly championed EV's, without going into all the downsides.
BRAIN reports the Chair of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has written a letter to ebike importers to the US telling them to comply with UL standards 2272 & 2849.

Responding to the letter on Reddit the Bikes Direct CEO posted the Gravity, Motobecane, and Mango brands he imports from Taiwan are UL certified.
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A lot of the RC helicopter guys use a charging bunker make out of cement blocks. They are readily available at Lowes and Home Depot and are cheap.
BRAIN report NYC Council Member Robert Holden has introduced a bill to make ebikes and scooters illegal until manufacturers address battery safety. The bill has been sent to the NYC Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. The Councilman represents Queens 30th District that is where the advocacy group "Safer Charging for Concerned Citizens for Battery Swapping" is located.
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BRAIN article reporting a split between People for Bikes and the National Bicycle Dealers Association on their respective approaches to how government should regulate the ebike electrical system.
A lot of the RC helicopter guys use a charging bunker make out of cement blocks. They are readily available at Lowes and Home Depot and are cheap.
i was really into heavy lift drones before e-bikes. those batteries were just bricks (literally) of battery material, tabbed together, NO BMS or balancing or cutoffs. all the balancing and safety was done by the charger. dangerous as ****

i didn’t have a charging bunker but i used lead lined bags and charged them in a concrete below grade parking garage.
BRAIN report NYC Council passed a law this week banning the sale of non-UL certified ebikes and batteries, and bans the sale of used and rebuilt ebike batteries. A follow up article on what this will mean for retailers.
Streetsblog report Uber will fund an e-bike buy-back program for NYC delivery riders, enabling them to swap a non-UL-certified e-bike for a discounted UL-certified e-bike..
Battery fires, safety and cheap imports have reached the U.S. Congress.

"Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. Ritchie Torres are pushing to pass legislation requiring federal regulation of cheap, Chinese-made lithium-ion batteries known for shortcutting."

Very good article over on a competitor's website, "Electric Bike Report." I enjoy reading both websites.

Basically, NEVER buy a cheap, non OEM battery, or rebuild with anything but Grade A cells (LG, Panasonic, etc). And soon, all battery imports will have to display the UL logo and meet the 2271 certification (which covers only the Ebike battery, but that's where nearly all the fires start). There have been lots of deaths in NYC caused by lithium fires, surprisingly many of them not from ebikes but instead with scooters.