Noise Caused By Loose Spokes


My 26" Boomerang with about 225 miles on it recently developed a "tink tink" noise apparently coming from the rear wheel and related to the speed of the bike. It was heard when pedaling or coasting. I read somewhere it might be caused by a loose spoke or two. I wiggled each spoke by hand and found 3 or 4 slightly loose compared to the rest of the spokes. Using the spoke wrench included in the tool kit I tighted the affected spokes by a 1/4 to 1/2 turn. Sure enough, no more "tink tink" noise.
I am glad you solved the problem.
A guy, Brian, brought a hub-drive bike to me a couple of weeks ago. He had no idea what was going on. He would turn the bike upside down to test it and the problem vanished. I met him in the parking lot and from reading about this tink-tink issue on EBR I was able to diagnose it in 20 seconds. He was super impressed. Then I had him ride a mid-drive creation for fun. He became elated. Today he brought me his 1974 handmade British frame bike to make into a mid-drive. All thanks to EBR.
The photo is of the bike he tested.


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What da'ell you t'inkin' bout w'it all 'dis crazy tink tink talk?
I ain't 'ever heard no spoke talk no tink tink! 🇯🇲