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This thread is dedicated to sharing known issues or problems with MotoTec Electric solutions, lack of Owner's Manual issues (diy diagrams and/or pictures), mods, feature/s pros and cons. General related discussion is encouraged.

To start off with, this is my dilemma. I have a MotoTec 36V Battery Powered Trike 350 Watt. Unfortunately, this trike's power cable is wired from the battery department (on the floorboard) directly into one side of the front wheel hub. Recently, I discovered a front wheel flat and had to hold the front rim in my lap to remove & reinstall the tire. Additionally, the power cable extends from the rim hub on one side which requires tire and tube removal from just one side while holding the rim close to the front fork and dealing with the wheel. My question is can I cut the power cable and simply insert an Anderson Powerpole Connector or similar connector so I can remove the front wheel assembly without holding it close to the front fork? If so, can someone comment on the difficulties I may experience and/or a better, simpler solution? Thank you for any comments submitted!

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I have a front tire flat on my MotoTec 350W. I was able to get the two stubborn axle nuts off. And on one side (the less compicated the side), I removed the bolt attaching the basket support to the fork. I tried to do the same on the other side, but it's too tight a space for my wrench. (I'm prepared to get a better wrench, if that's what it takes).

My problem is I can't get enough distance between the rim and the fork for me to be able to take off the tire. The power cable isn't helping, but I'm not sure that's my only problem.

Did you remove both of the basket support bolts? Were you able to install a new tire? ( I'm new to tire replacements, so forgive me if I'm not using the right lingo.)