Luna X1 hanger derailleur bolt / nut


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Hi folks,

So, this happened after a ride the other day. The rear hanger derailleur bolt / nut somehow came off in the middle of the ride and we lost it on the trail somewhere. It's my wife's bike, and she started complaining that her derailleur was shifting all over the place after that. We ended up riding back home, and I started working on her bike and then noticed the missing bolt. I contacted Luna's support channels and FB chat, and they more or less ghosted me. TBF, it's only been 3 days, so I'll give them a chance to respond. But, I was warned by many folks before buying this bike that I should go with a more reputable company like Specialized, and I'm starting to regret that. This bike is basically a brick now. I've tried other nut fasteners, and that it would work, but I realized afterwards that the hanger bolt becomes part of the frame and locks the rear axle in plane. Also, tightening a make shift nut fastener locks the rear axle up, and the rear wheel no longer spins freely.

Anyways, does anyone else have any ideas? I'm wondering if SRAM's universal derailleur hanger might work. Also, if you have one of these bikes, I highly recommend removing the hanger bolt and putting loctite on the frame thread (not the inner rear axle thread). This part isn't available on Luna's parts channel, and the only rear hanger derailleur bolt they have is for the newer X2 / Z1.