Lectric XP 2 measurements and nut/bolt sizes


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Here are some useful measurements and nut/bolt sizes for the Lectric XP 2 not mentioned in the manual. Would've saved me a lot of time if I found them online so posting them here in case anyone else is interested:

Front and rear spoke hole diameters: 2.6mm
Left and right front hub flange diameter/pitch circle diameter: 57.9mm
Front hub over locknut distance: 109mm
Front hub left center-flange distance: 26.2mm
Front hub right center-flange distance: 31.7mm

Left and right rear hub flange diameter/pitch circle diameter: 144.7mm
Rear hub left center-flange distance: 41.6mm
Rear hub right center-flange distance: 30.9mm

Front wheel axle: 3/8"-26 thread
Rear wheel axle: M12 x 1.25mm or 15/32"-20 thread with 10mm flats

Disc rotors: T25 Torx
Shifter clamp bolt, some fender mounting bolts: #2 Phillips
Brake caliper mounting, brake lever clamp, fender mounting, torque arm, rear rack cargo screws, stem clamp, stem plate bolts: 4mm allen bolt
Headlight mounting, kickstand mounting, rear derailleur mounting, rear rack mounting bolts: 5mm allen bolt
Headset preload bolt, pedal bolts , 6mm allen bolt
Crank bolt: 8mm allen bolt
Rear derailleur cable clamp bolt: 9mm hex nut
Seat rail binder: 14mm hex nut
Front wheel nut: 15mm hex nut
Rear wheel nut: 18mm hex nut

Rear cargo rack tube diameter: 9/16"/14.2mm
Shimano RD TY300 rear derailleur