Is this THE ebike for a millenial ?? Harley davidson


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The finish looks really good, Carbon belt, other good components. No info for battery size/motor power ?

I would place this on top of all other top ebikes [above Trek allante, above M1Spitzing, above Haibike FLYON, above Stromer St5 , above R&M (not really a direct competitor though ! ) just due to their amazing design, finish quality and specs.
Is probably R&M for touring , HD, TREK and BH the companies i would trust 100% with getting a ebike from.
If this HD ebike goes 29-30mph is a clear absolute winner.
Just as with cars when the outside gaps Are minimal you know the quality is top notch.
This ebike venture from HD is a very smart step ahead. I like the step through white one, allthough not a fan of step through bikes , this one is really unique and deserves a few grand.
Will it be 3 or 5k ?? That’s the customers decision....
Some hand built show ebikes place Harley above all those existing bikes? They've already suspended production of the LiveWire motorcycle.
Interesting design, however, I am not a fan of the chunky motor and battery assembly.

No front or rear suspension for this price... I'll pass on the Harley-Davidson electric bike ;)

The battery appears to be a removable unit with a key lock built into the shell of the mid-drive motor. However, the battery case itself looked to be rather small, perhaps indicating a lower capacity battery. However, it’s hard to tell how deep the battery extends into the motor case. And it’s also quite possible that there’s no battery in the case at all, especially considering the early prototype nature of these e-bikes.

There’s another good thread, I think a paste from a story Micah Toll wrote. Some juicy details. maybe the biggest handicap will be the brand name.