Is it possible to mount rear rack on 2024 Domane+ SLR7


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Really excited having ordered my Project One version (wanted 172.5mm cranks on my size 58 + took opportunity to upgrade wheels!) - at >75yo e-assist needed to reduce stress on my heart when keeping up with the group on climbs/headwinds etc.

I have a very nice light titanium rear rack which I would like to re-cycle from my current bike (which will now be used for shorter & more gentle rides along the lakeside trails etc).
Specs on the Trek website indicate that the frame has "fender mounts"
- does anyone have experience/knowledge as to whether these can be used to accommodate a lightly loaded rack?
I looked into this for my Giant Defy carbon road bike and from the information I came across it looks like mounting a rack to the fender mounts is not recommended.
The only decent option I've come across is the Tailfin rack, which attached to a modified thru axle.
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Thanks for the (disappointing) input.
Yes, the 'Tailfin' could work (as a fairly expensive solution!)
Alternatively I guess I could use the XLAB 'wing' to attach extra bottles/CO2/small bags to the rear of the saddle.
I have an Arkel saddle bag that I've used for the last five years. I just purchased another mounting rack for my other carbon framed e-gravel bike, so I use the bag on both bikes.
There’s also the Topeak Backloader Wishbone. Not only does it provide external structure/anti sway properties to the saddlebag but will also accommodate two bottles via the handy cage mounts. Should be compatible with bags up to 7" wide.