How to use the Flash like a "regular" ebike.


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Hi all!

I've was given a flash bike a while ago, and I didn't realize just how much of a white elephant it was. For the past few months, I've been reverse engineering it, and I came up with a way to get rid of the proprietary crap. There are a few things that still don't work (button clusters, lights, and LCD), but with an Eggrider display it works perfectly.

In part 1 or the series, I introduced the background of this particular exercise, and why we're embarking on it. I disassembled the bike and identified the major pieces of its systems in part 2. And in part 3 we looked at the mainboard, figured out what its primary components were, and how they worked. We reverse engineered the BMS, in particular the communication protocol, in part 4. In part 5, we discovered the make and model of the ESC, and figured out our plan for moving forward with the project. Finally, in part 6, I made a custom wiring harness for the Eggrider and reassembled the bike.