How I was treated by Rize Bikes

I have asked for my money back $4725.00
Rize has said they will send a new shrink wrapped, palleted bike to the bike shop in Bowness.
What took them since March 3 to do the right thing ?
I retired 10 years ago and live a small quiet life, gardening, Fly fishing, playing Guitar.
My god how has the world changed.
I have wasted 4 days waiting for shipments from Rize/ Fedex..
I want to fly to BC and sit outside their shop with my bike and a sign that says, "Ask me about my bike".
There doesn't seem to be a Six Three Zero forum. I'd say my experience with them was worse. My EvryJourney came in a box with holes and tears. The staples were missing. A couple of reinforced plastic bands held it together. Inside, the front caliper was pressed against the end of the box, showing that it had been repacked wrongly. The absence of styrofoam puzzled me. Styrofoam blocks can protect the box as well as the bike, and they can save labor in packing.

Both factory-wrapped pedals had rough bearings that were hard to turn. One defective pedal might have slipped past inspection, but a pair suggested that Six Three Zero had bought a batch that the pedal factory was about to discard.

Some of the front spokes were so loose that riding would have been unsafe. This wasn't at all like my Radrunner. Getting the EvryJourney unpacked and adjusted kept me bent over for so many hours that I had serious back pains for several days.

When I took a ride, I found that I could not reset the trip meter. The manual explained how to go into settings, but this display said I couldn't do it without a password.

Their video advertised that PAS 1 provides very gentle power for safety. I thought all ebikes were like that. At one point in my circuit, I make a sharp right turn through the gap between the curb and a utility pole. PAS helps because its steep, but too much acceleration would send me into the pole. On the EvryJourney, PAS 1 was dangerous. The acceleration was high, and the surge could continue 3/4 of a second after I stopped pedaling. It was a situation for the quick response of a throttle, but on that bike, you don't get throttle unless PAS is on, so an inadvertent movement of the pedals could have crashed me.

I measured the power by ghost pedaling up a hill. PAS 5 gave me 500 watts on the wheel, as advertised. PAS 1 gave me 350 Watts. Apparently the controller was defective, unless there was weird programming.

Customer service responded:
"We truly understand your concern regarding your safety when your using your ebike. That is also very important to us.

All of our ebikes are Class II it cannot go beyond 20MPH. But it might exceed 20MPH with pedaling.

The electrical system is complex, we don't suggest the customers to operate the display beyond the basic features.

Please watch our short YouTube video: How To Use Pedal Assist on an E-Bike | Learning to Ride an Electric Bike"

Wow! I'd said I'd owned another ebike for years and reported that the Pedal Assist they'd sent was dangerous. Their recommendation was to watch their video on how to ride a bike! They wouldn't give me their settings password because they thought resetting the trip meter was too complex for their customers!

The Class II part was boilerplate. I hadn't complained because I didn't know. I wasn't going to take it over 15 mph until I could put on safer handlebars. I thought he was mistaken because their website and their Amazon page advertised pedal assist to 28 mph. To see if he was right, I took PAS to the limit: 20 mph. (They're still advertising 28 mph PAS 18 months later. Fraudulent advertising is in their business model.)

I replied that if they had decided not to let me reset the trip meter, and I should ride with a dangerously defective controller, and I the motor would not go to 28 mph as advertised, I would have to send it back, and that would be a drag. They said go right ahead.

Now I understood why they hadn't used styrofoam. Getting the pieces stowed in the dilapidated box in a way the they would survive the trip, was doubtful and laborious. I turned to the internet for help. I learned that in the past, if you needed a replacement box, they'd sell you one. Now they wouldn't. What's more, they would not accept a return in a box that did not match the original dimensions. Clearly, their business model was to make money on fraudulent sales and leave customers holding the bag by obstructing return efforts.

I couldn't figure out how to get the front wheel in the box. The only place to put it was over the left crank arm, but the crank arms were 9 inches wide, outside to outside, and the box was 9 inches wide. One place I looked for help was a company video by the director of sales, showing how to unpack the EvryJourney. Peter reminded me of Steven Segal, and it was almost all blabbing that had nothing to do with the subject. At one point he boasted that he used to ride so many miles a day on a "real bike," and ebikes were for those who weren't up to it. It's one thing to hold your product and customers in contempt, but if you can't address them without throwing it in their faces, that's something else.

He demonstrated his recommended method, to slice the box into panels. When he removed the front panel, the front wheel would have been visible, but the camera avoided it. Instead, he went into detail about what was in the little boxes on top of the bike. It seems the purpose of the video was to direct customers to destroy the shipping box before evaluating the defective bike.

I remembered a video where a car mechanic assembled an EvryJourney for a friend. I could see he was doing it wrong, and sure enough the test ride came several weeks later, after a friend helped him straighten it out. Anyway, I went back to the video and at one point caught a glimpse of the front wheel. The left crank arm was threaded through the spokes! That explained why my spokes had arrived loose. They needed to be very loose to bend around the arm.

It took 11 days of worry and toil to get it packed. Sixthreezero said I had to take it to a Fedex collection point. If I managed to wrestle that flimsy box into a back seat or trunk, it may well have come apart. I put it on the flat bed of a garden cart and with a mower towed it through traffic to the only Fedex pickup in town.

I don't know why they haven't been shut down and arrested.
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