How I was treated by Rize Bikes

Nice company that RIZE BIKES
I was just down at Wire and Wheel , the VOLT Dealer 10 minutes from my house.
They had many fresh arrivals, boxes just arrived this morning..
None had any significant damage..
Aali the owner of wire & Wheel is having a worse day than mine..
He opened February 1st, has sold a few bikes & scooters.
His store was broken into last night despite having security bars etc.
All the small scooters were stolen.. poor guy..
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Pics of this morning
The box had damage on almost every surface


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Shame you did not consider the Zen brand of ebike, made in the Canadian maritimes by a very long time friend of this forum, Ravi Kempaiah. Zen offers both a Bosch and Bafang powered ebike, well specced with some very good components. And you're certainly not going to get the runaround as you did with your Rize experience.
Pics of this morning
The box had damage on almost every surface
Screw me once, shame on you. Screw me twice, then shame on me.....

Clearly an issue there, but it shouldn't be on you to have to figure it out. I don't blame you for sending that package back at all, and I'm a Rize bike believer! Sometimes ya just gotta do what you gotta do......

Best of luck with your new bike! -Al
Do you wear a tinfoil hat? Is the government involved is this world wide conspiracy? I get it, you aren’t happy with them but you are starting to come across as a conspiracy theory person. I guess it doesn’t matter since you and the new local bike shop have all that info to destroy them.
James, sending it back was the right thing to do. How the heck does a shipping company do that much damage? Almost looks like they sh*t-kicked it around for the hell of it.
I have asked for my money back $4725.00
Rize has said they will send a new shrink wrapped, palleted bike to the bike shop in Bowness.
What took them since March 3 to do the right thing ?
I retired 10 years ago and live a small quiet life, gardening, Fly fishing, playing Guitar.
My god how has the world changed.
I have wasted 4 days waiting for shipments from Rize/ Fedex..
I took a shipment from Watt Wagon and their packing was incredibly tough. Day6 and Husky too. It can be fine right.
I suggest you only purchase from a local bicycle shop if working on your eBike in your shed is a hardship. ALL eBikes need a quick tune up after about 100 miles anyway. You blame Rize for shipping damage? You didn't expect white glove service did you? Maybe you did. If you did, you ignored shipping rants during your research. You must not get many packages delivered. When a box arrives like that you immediately reject it. Don't touch it and make sure you take lots of pictures. Most of these kind of rants come out with a big list of gripes like you have, but in your case the major fault lies on you for accepting a crushed box, and it stings. Hell, bikes that come like that can have bent forks or more. I ordered a Fat Tad tricycle. The truck driver just asked me to sign the form for damaged shipment. He wouldn't even take it off the truck, so he was one step ahead of me. All of the other 5 eBikes I bought over the last 7 years were picked up at a bicycle shop.
I just had the same situation with a new stove...
Driver said.. Believe me you don't want it, here's the arrived damaged sign off.
I was informed by Rize this morning that in order to get my money back, I have to ship to them the other 10 boxes of spares, bags, locks, tubes etc and they would determine a return charge of between 15-25 % restocking fee. How could this get any worse.
i told Rize yesterday that I will have this equipment ready for pick up. I want my $4,725 Back.
I had filed a claim with my home insurer at the beginning of this fiasco, so I have turned this over to them to deal with..
I have saved about 30 e-mails from them where they lie and deny any responsibility.
This is how I got treated after trusting them to the tune of $4,725
You must not get many packages delivered. When a box arrives like that you immediately reject it. Don't touch it and make sure you take lots of pictures.
You must not make many bicycle or large item shipped purchases.
These days the devil may well be in the details. Bikedirect as an example,
Q: What if I refuse the shipment or was unable to sign for it? (Back to Top of Page Go To Top)
A: For Most Bikes, this would incur a $50 fee which is part of the cost of the return shipment. For much larger bikes such as Fatbikes and the largest 29ers this return fee would be $100 which is deducted from your refund. Please contact us for other instructions.

Another gotcha are some resellers claiming wheels being out of true is not unlike shipping a piano. How is that for miserable BS.

Bottom line, always read shipping and return pages CAREFULLY.

Been down this road before, and 90% of my business and personal purchases were/are shipped.
Bike arrived last week at my mechanics shop.
Perfect box on a palletized skid.
Not a mark on bike.
Had a few good rides and it is a fine bike.
Rize Bikes has a lot of problems and I would not recommend buying from them.
It was the worst buying experience of my life.
The Kids who run RIZE BIKES have...
No Morals
No Ethics
No Clue about the products they sell.
No Thanks !
Do not accept Broken or Damaged Bikes from them
Insist on Palletized Shipping or else YOU BECOME RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING
Onwards an upwards for me.
I guess we get to find out about the Warranty..


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Glad you finally got a good shipment/bike. Hopefully the bike is great and you can put the experience behind you.
Now the only thing I want to encounter is Smiles per hour..
Got The Rack, Dog Trailer, & Killer Fly Rods .
Spring In Calgary in something to behold.
I now have a whole new way to enjoy this Beauty..
Little confused by this thread, his March 15 post said he is working on a refund... then on April 5 he got another Rize bike shipped to him (undamaged) and then he disappeared.

Rize must have had him "dealt with". :)
They were responsible for preparing the bike for shipment, didn`t do anything to prepare. The box was wide open. and left me to deal with it. Nice having to go out to my unheated shed and spend an hour at -20c to pack for shipping. I want to deal with companies and people who aren`t full of crap and excuses who take no responsibility for the product. If I knew going in what I know now I would have bought the Volt Bike from a dealer 10 minutes from my home.
I bought a Rize MD. Nothing but problems and almost no support from Rize. Just a few days ago the cheapass freewheel they sent me to replace my original destroyed one, from you know "shifting" completely fell apart on level ground. My brakes SQUEAL, no one can fix them. Rize sell junk and of course they won't support them. I asked for a refund after a month, but they refused.