How can this be possible?


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I was checking my battery's on the Wart Hog 750 bike,
(I am losing 1 % per month, to some unknown phantom source), with the display off,
I had both battery's out of the bike and the display shut off,
and I still had 8.79mv showing on the volt meter, when I checked the + and - slots.

How can this be??? Is there another battery, somewhere that is suppling power?
Can someone help explaining this to me.
I don't know if this answers your question or not but I don't see this as being unusual.

All batteries have internal resistance which can cause a minute discharge. It is normal for them to loose a certain amount of charge over time. The BMS in some batteries can also use a small amount of power.

The BMS in my batteries put the battery in sleep mode after around 2 weeks of inactivity. This monitoring process uses a small amount of energy. When stored for several months, it isn't unusual for them to loose 10% of their charge.

This will vary with the various battery / charger combinations used by different manufacturers.
Normal - batteries don't maintain 100% charge indefinitely, they drain slowly. Technically if you're talking about over months, most store their batteries when not being actively used at less than full charge, typical recommendations ~60% charge. You can google bike battery storage for lots of debates/info there.

RE: seeing some minor voltage with battery removed - there are various capacitors in the controller, and possibly some in the display. You're talking 8/1000ths of a volt here which is effectively 0 although of course were there enough amperage/current, different story. You could test current with an ammeter but I'm quite sure it's at best a very minor trickle from capacitors in the system, which will also eventually trickle all the way down to zero.
Thanks Guys
Will these capacitors drain down to 0v's?

I am thinking about changing out the Canbus motor
and didn't want to let the magjic smoke out of something
while working on