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I've tested my Himiway bike for a few hundred miles and am offering my feedback. I've had several ebikes previous to Himiway. I’ve modifed all of them to fit my needs. I ride mostly on back country dirt roads, old logging roads, and forest trails. I've put 25,000+ miles or so on ebikes over the past 10 years. Maybe 5-10 % of that has been extreme conditions with lots of gravel, rocks, ruts, potholes, mud, and steep curvy narrow paths.

I purchased my (all terrain) Himiway without trying it based on specs, but mostly due to testimonials, which in hindsight, I realize are mostly from casual and inexperienced e-bikers. This bike is best for predictable conditions. It's probably fabulous for beach riding. I don't recommend it for rough terrain. At 80 lbs with basic accessories, it's the Harley of e-bikes, a heavy and somewhat clumsy bike that requires pedal assist being on to use the throttle. When you start to peddle and are pointed toward a rock or hole, the bike lunges forward. Obstacles are hard to avoid.

I ordered the black men's bike and received a white step through. I'm glad Himiway sent me the wrong bike. I've had to plant my feet firmly on the ground to avoid crashing into obstacles several times. I was frustrated that I received the bike almost a month later than expected.

On the whole, the bike is well designed and easily put together. The threads on the left pedal arrived squashed at the end, but I ground them down and installed the pedal. I was pleased to see that Himiway quickly sent a replacement. Another small problem I’ve had is the kickstand loosens up over rough terrain and rattles until I tighten it up again. I love the compact and nifty little tool kit provided by Himiway.

The 48V 17.5 amp battery is a plus, though I'm skeptical about Himiway’s recommendation to leave it fully charged. Every battery spokesman says it will have a longer life if I don't. I have a 48 volt 15 amp battery on my BionX bike with a 1,000 watt motor. I expected to get better mileage with Himiway, but because the BionX charges while coasting and braking, I get similar mileage. BionX leaves the Himiway in the dust when climbing a steep hill, but mainly because I'm peddling twice as fast on the Himiway at 20 mph as I am on the other at 30mph. I'm going to look into modifying the gearing and into the possibility of charging the battery on the go.

On my first ride, I began by leaving the bike in 7th gear (for 20 miles) while using the motor to maintain speed. I tried shifting gears and using the motor as little as possible for the next 20 miles. I'm using a combo now. The two main changes I'm thinking of making to the bike at the moment are installing a 5" tire on the front (if the fork doesn’t accommodate a larger tire, I’ll reduce the pressure in the 4” tire for rocks, potholes, and snow). I may also modify the gearing by replacing the set of seven gears with a higher and lower ratio set, or installing two front gears and derailleur with the current size as the middle gear. I'll keep you updated and share my successes and failures with you. thanks, mark
Great ride yesterday to the Little Red Lighthouse in New York City. Peddled all the way with battery assist in low voltage which I adjusted down in the controller menu. Complete distance was about 25 miles and battery still read full at end of day. So far great bike lots of info on the internet on how to change settings on the controller and how to adjust and or replace other parts. Great bike for older people looking for a little help getting up the hills. Lots of questions from all ages on where did I get it and how can they get one.


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