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Hey. I have a 2015 Haibike XDuro 29. I am looking to buy a dongle that bumps the speed limiter from 20mph to 28mph. I live in the US. It is very important to me that my Intuvia display remain unchanged in regards to mph accuracy and data. I use the bike for commuting and I need it to be accurate. The two dongles that I have identified as possible purchases are the 1) ASA eSpeed. And the 2) Peartune MSO.

Anyone have any experience or input regarding these ?

I bought the ASA eSpeed a week or so ago, and it is in the mail from Germany still. I hope to have an update for you soon.

Total price was about $200, including the tools required to pull off the casing and install the dongle.
Sounds like you may not find a dongle that meets your requirements as your Intuvia will never display your speed once you go in excess of 20 mph.

But if you are still interested I would look at

Both the ASA eSpeed and Peartune MSO that ApollonC listed claim to show the accurate speed always on the Intuvia (or Nyon if you have it).

The Peartune MSO claims to "not have an issue with a flickering display," and I don't know what that's about. The videos on the ASA eSpeed don't show any problems or mention issues, and it seems to be a mature device, with versions for the different models of Bosch hardware, and explicitly states that it works with Intuvia and Nyon.

I think there are many people, myself included, that are eagerly awaiting Christopher's experience with his ASA eSpeed!

The videos on their youtube channel have english subtitles and the app can also be set to English, but you my need the help of a german speaking friend to order it
The BlackPed shows the correct speed on a cell phone using their app. Can use it instead of display if you wish, control motor settings as with the normal display.
I don't own it but been looking too, (full seven rx). Waiting for a discussion and owner experience too. LOL

Lots of help here:
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The BlackPed shows the correct speed on a cell phone using their app. Can use it instead of display if you wish, control motor settings as with the normal display.
I don't own it but been looking too, (full seven rx). Waiting for a discussion and owner experience too. LOL

Lots of help here:
Thats a very useful site, thanks
I'm also watching this post with interest.
My SDURO is restricted to 25k.
I'd be happy with 30k as the top gear allows a comfortable cadence/rpm at that speed.
Ok, so some initial feedback...

1) it works! Power no longer cuts out at 20 mph
2) the speed is accurate

Some further thoughts...

1) I bought my chip from
2) I had no responses from them after my order from either direct emails or using their online support form
3) I mis-used the crank pulling tool and stripped some threads from my crank, so be sure to use that tool properly to avoid downtime
4) the shifting is clunky now - changing gears no longer shuts off power automatically
5) there is some funky speed display behavior between about 18 and 24 mph. Maybe I was accelerating too fast for the chip to keep up? But the display is definitely not as smooth as pre-chip
6) I expect this to drastically affect battery range and chain life

Some conclusions...

1) given the zero post-sale support, I would not buy from the same vendor again
2) given the clunky shifts and the funky display behavior, I will look for a 28 mph factory bike in the future
3) this is a very fast bike now, and extra caution is needed for essentially motorcycle speeds
Thanks for keeping us up to speed on this.
Sorry it didn't work out better for you.
I think I'll pass on that one.
Ideally we need the factory chip from the US bikes that have the higher limit.
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Yes, the factory chip would of course be best.

I think second best might be the badass chip that requires no access to the motor? It just manipulates the sensor/magnet combo, which would not affect shifting smoothness but would affect the speed display. But honestly, this ASA unit isn't totally smooth on the display, either. Less so than I had hoped, but it does eventually synch up with a gps and display correctly. Just takes a few seconds longer than I'd like.

I went for a ride today for a few more miles, and the speed is just silly. It just keeps going and going, and before you know it you're cruising at 30 mph. It's fantastic, it's totally unnecessary, and 'murica. It's awesome to have the extra headroom. I won't go back to a 20 mph limit. I'm too spoiled now. :)
Not sure what bike you have, but I'd say your feet would be a blur at 30mph.
My feet are going fast enough in top cog at 30k on the SDURO FullNine
I have an xDuro 29er with an 18 tooth front sprocket, and yes, my feet are moving pretty quick at top speed. I have a 20 tooth sprocket as well, but haven't felt the need. Maybe with my new speed levels I will reassess after a good long trip.
Thank you for the thorough write up. Certainly the best summation of the device I've seen online! Are you adjusting to not having the speed sensing on the shifting? Grinding gears a lot? That's really the major problem, and I'm surprised the limitation is not disclosed. I'm also surprised the detection is gone.

The box that controls the rate the magnet gets detected might work great, and I assume it doesn't alter shift function.

I thought all the Xduro bikes had 16 teeth, either I miscounted or there are variations in the models. I see they sell 19 and 20 tooth rings too, but none larger at that site.

Thank you again for the feedback! Really appreciate it.
Actually, yes - I have adjusted to the loss of the shift sensor, and it doesn't seem like a big deal.

The Bosch drivetrain is just so good that it made normal shifting feel a bit clunky, I think. But now that I have covered a few more miles, I don't think it's really that bad. More a testament to how good the OEM feel is.