Good uses for walk mode

I do not remember the last time I used or needed it on my Priority Current. I remove the battery when I carry the bike up a few stairs into my home or a brew-pub platform I visit along the trail once in a while.

On the other hand, I wish I had a more user friendly walk mode on my heavier step-through Evelo Omega. As I learned early on, step through e-bike frames can be clumsy to carry. The one and only time I tried it I nearly went through the wall. (I foolishly tried it at home after assembling the bike).

My point? Variable or graduated speed walk through modes would be very useful either for steps or a situation like gromike had on the ferry. "One size fits all" might apply to certain articles of clothing, but "one speed fits all" isn't a great concept for walk mode on an e-bike.
I have a step-through and love it, but I didn't realize before I purchased it how difficult it is to carry - not just the weight, but the inherent awkwardness of the frame. I wonder if anyone has jury rigged a carrying strap attached to the pedal/motor area.