Good uses for walk mode

I guess the bosch is just smarter than the bafang.;)
Well, my Vado 6.0 is too fast for me in the Walk Mode on the flat, too! While my Vado SL is as well tuned as it simply "walks" together with me :)
On Thursday, I had to walk for the most of a technical singletrack I was unable to ride. I was met with a steep hill at some moment. I could have easily climb it, had the hill an easy access. Unfortunately, I had to carry my Vado SL onto the trail, and would not be able to start the climb safely. So I used the Walk Mode instead. It was a life saver in that situation!
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I can turn my throttle down so low (thanks to my KT controller) that it takes 8 seconds to rotate the wheel once and the Watt meter reads 0.

I can hold the bike back and stall the bike.
After a few seconds, the controller figures something is wrong and shuts off the power. (No speed pulse input.)

It's great practice learning to ride the bike at 3 kph without putting your foot down or falling over.
It really helps you get a feel for the bike.
I remember going to a motorcycle rally in Finger Lakes, NY with my dad when I was 15 years old.

They had a slow race where you couldn't put your foot down.
In the middle of the course they had weiners dipped in mustard dangling from a string.

You had to ride under the weiner and try to take a bite out of the weiner without putting your foot down.

It was funny as hell watching people get mustard smeared all over their face. 😂

The weiners were hanging straight down, so it was really hard to turn your head sideways to take a bite without falling over.
What brand name motor were you using, as there is several different motors in all the e bikes? Tia.
My Giant Stance has walk mode. Once I was riding a previously unknown (to me) trail, and about 1km in it ended with no real way out except to go back.
The other option was to climb an extremely steep dirt hill to a road about 40 feet up.
It got me up there thankfully.
Activating walk mode is done by pressing a dedicated button for 3 seconds, then press/hold the "Assist up" button.
Giant/Yamaha motor.
What brand name motor were you using, as there is several different motors in all the e bikes? Tia.

My ebike has a Das-Kit motor which is apparently a rebranded MXUS motor.

It's my replacement KT controller that has walk mode and also allows me to go really slow.

A KT controller and display will work with ALL hub drive motors.
All hub drives have the same basic motor plug.
(But it doesn't work with a torque sensor or on a mid drive as far as I know.)
I forgot about the walk-mode on my 2 Mid drive bikes, I'll have to see just how they work, next time out, the Warthog (Bikonit) and the Jugg 4 (Biktwix) both have Bafang motors.
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Q2. How is it implemented on your ebike?

With my KT display, I hold the down arrow to activate walk mode.

Screenshot_20240530-193049_Adobe Acrobat.jpg

I hold the up and down arrows simultaneously to enter settings mode.

Screenshot_20240530-193249_Adobe Acrobat.jpg

My problem arose when I Thought I was pressing both buttons, but I was in fact only pressing the down button.

That's when my TV fell over. 😂

My new Voltbike operates the same way but holding both buttons resets the trip meter.
If I am only holding the down button, I will activate walk mode.

I should just get in the habit of holding the brake whenever I play with the buttons.
The brake switches won't allow the motor to run.

Then I won't have to buy a new TV. 😂
There is one particular trail I take to begin a deep woods trek to a hunting area.
The trail begins off a field and is thick, uphill, with undulating terrain. I cannot pedal but walk mode is quite valuable.
It is a Juiced RCS. I believe the walk mode is initiated via the (-) button.
As a few others have posted, walk mode makes it possible to get a heavy bike (Nevo 3) up a flight of stairs. The challenge is the platform and 180 degree turn halfway up. I've also used it to climb the ramp on my Thule rack.
The walk mode on the Wart Hog works very well, just about 4.0 mph and pulls the bike up stairs and bike ramp, just a little to fast for me to walk beside when walking, the same goes for the Jugg 4, except the speed is just about 4.5mph (per Garmin gps) and faster than I can walk comfortably.

Both of the bikes apply the walk mode via the - (minus) button, hold down till the walk symbol appears in the display where the mode figures show up, on the Bafang display. The brake sensors cutoff's will shut off the walk mode, when pulled. ymmv
I have used walk mode when biking a route that isn't friendly to an old wobbly guy like myself. Mine (Ariel Rider C class) goes into throttle mode when pedal assist is set to zero. But I find it hard to modulate so I can get a steady assist without surging or cutting out. Had to use it once when my saddle clamp broke. Only had to go about a mile with no hills; it could have been worse.
,.. But I find it hard to modulate so I can get a steady assist without surging or cutting out. .

A half twist throttle works A Lot better,..


It's way easier to hold steady than a thumb throttle.

I jammed some plastic into the plastic bushing so it stays where I set it and use it to ride no-hands without pedaling. 😂
I can control my short-throw progressive thumb throttle pretty finely now but it took practice. The trick: Keep your thumb firmly braced on the throttle housing and roll it onto the lever from there.

I have to resort to that now and then, but walk mode generally feels safer — especially offroad. Wouldn't want to end up with full throttle from a slip of the foot.
I had a flat tire 4 miles out, doing the walk of shame, and was using walk mode to get the bike up a hill. After a mile of this in the heat of summer, I said "screw this, I'll never make it home."

It was a rear tire that was flat, so I jumped on the bike and rode it home. Tried to stay on grass as much as I could.

As a DIY ebike hobbyist, I found walk mode is a good way of debugging whether a motor works when there is a question of throttle or pedal assist wiring.,
If something is not working right on a bike but walk mode works than it is not a bad controller. Peer check me on this with a strap of used tube: Walk mode works on lever cut-out bikes even when the brake is partially pulled. I have a bike today that is a no go. But walk assist works, so that makes the culprit most likely something like a cutout lever wire and not a faulty controller. Most of my bikes have it and it is accessed with the down arrow on a display or remote when pressed for eight seconds. Coaster brake bikes cannot have it or the pedals would turn and bash your shin with some spiked platform MTB pedals. I do not think that I have had a need yet for it, but like having a mini-spare in a car trunk, it is assuring to know that it is there. All of mine are default at 6 kmph, 2.4 mph.
It would be fun to hack. I would like it like this: Hold the Down for eight seconds, then toggle the Up to set the speed faster for just that one session of a walk or ride.