Finally in the elite club of EBikers!!!

A Throttle is very useful. Went out last night with a fellow biker and stopped off at a brewery after dark when my crank fell off. The crank bolt had come loose a ways back, fell out, don't know where. Surprised I didn't notice it earlier. I was able to ride back home 10 miles under throttle.
-nuff said
Also have been there and done that for a similar distance......Time for a new crank probably, at least I have never had any luck getting one to re-seat and stay tight even using loctite on the bolt.
mostly just not true.
FOR YOU! Move on. I have builds and have built eBikes with components that match or exceed the quality of ANY of your bikes.
a throttle will save you from cheap parts or poor maintenance.
Another silly response. It means I can get home or not use the cage for errands and a calmer life.
I guess many just need something to make them feel superior. That fast eBike crowd laughs at your 250W mids, the spandex crowd laughs at you and all power, and some of us could care less how many miles you elitists pedal. We're having fun, why the need to belittle those that choose another way?
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Can help get you home in certain situations when other hardware fails

Don't find it useful because I've managed to ride a bike for years without and I've learned to deal without.

Got it.... Let's just leave it there.
or you can manage without . I have ridden one leg 20 miles because I cracked a crank arm. got home with a damaged earlier on our tandem. I guess I could have ridden on the flat where I screwed up and did not put the new tubes in but I would not change destroying 300.00 wheel.
so they can help but they are also on the cheaper low end bikes that tend to break more.
but I wont sacrifice quality to have a throttle and how the bike feel. those are far more important to me then a throttle.
Also have been there and done that for a similar distance......Time for a new crank probably, at least I have never had any luck getting one to re-seat and stay tight even using loctite on the bolt.
Lesson learned. A few days ago I went over all of my main bolts/connections for maintenance. Guess which ones I neglected? Crank bolts! Checked the remaining crank bolt when I returned and the threadlock had deteriorated and crumbled like dirt. Not having a throttle would have cost me $35.00-$40.00 for an Uber, If the Uber would have taken my bike.

To have a throttle, or not to have a throttle is purely subjective. My E-MTB bike came with one, and it is essential to my off road riding terrain, my riding style, and my enjoyment. From my experience I would always prefer a throttle, than not. Certainly for my wife it has been a positive safety adjunct.

What does not make sense is Stefan Mikes directive: "Don't even consider a throttle because I do not think you really need it."

Stefan is advising a fellow board member not to even attempt to gather opinions or anecdotal evidence from other experienced members, and to disavow their own critical thinking skills, just because Stefan has a "preference".

Hubris much?
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Good land man. You CAN'T be that obtuse. Seriously? You need to get out more and meet some seniors who've been able to have life-changing experiences thanks to throttles. I had hundreds as customers. Many converted bikes well beyond the build quality of your rides. Lots of old Reynolds 531 double-butted frames with Dura-Ace and Campi components resurrected by riders that did 3 times your mileage without ANY assistance.
You kind of missed how I added that. I also said its no big deal to haveor not have a throttle. what I did say is that most of the reason I have heard you need throttle to deal with for a normal person is not really a thing. or its brought by low warty parts or poor maintenance.
I will sometimes make a bike with a throttle. It is not my cup of tea, but I am not the customer. What if a bartender only served drinks without umbrellas? There are all sorts. I am working on a 85 pound fat tire hub drive. It is a POS but that is what that guy likes. Here are a couple of my throttle bikes.


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