1. T

    Bafang M400 max drive

    Has anyone added a thumb throttle to this engine? Ive got a MM 330.250 15 engine (Bafang mid drive m400) And im wondering if i add a UART PLUG 1T4, would i then be a ble to add a throttle? Or does it require some coding or ?
  2. kneebenderbiker

    Atlas throttle option suggestions; on & off the handlebars.

    Hello Atlas owners and anyone with suggestions. I would like ideas about how one might be able to have an Atlas and throttle but be able to attach and detach the throttle easily. I don't (yet) have an Atlas but seriously considering it. I also want a throttle and while OH SO MANY hate the...
  3. R

    Finally in the elite club of EBikers!!!

    Hi, and happy EBiking! I just got my Priority Current. Hope to put some miles on it soon. I'm down in the Rio Grande Valley of Tx. , just minutes from Mexico. Pretty flat riding everywhere. I have a leg injury now that makes it painful to bend my leg much. With the seat up all the way I get...
  4. S

    Just joined with my throttled Priority Current!

    Hi all, I've been poking around the ebike world for some time now and ended up choosing a Priority Current, largely due to its belt drive, Class 3 ability, and price (also had a few good personal references). Unfortunately for me, the week it arrived a few months ago, I injured the ligament in...
  5. J

    Adding a Throttle to Shimano Steps E7000 mid-drive

    I am new to ebikes and was wondering if anyone has put a throttle on a Shimano Steps ebike. I know it is more difficult to do this to a mid-drive but I understand it can be done. I haven't found any information about someone doing this with my type of ebike. I understand the pros and cons and...
  6. Sco06

    D Class- no lights, no throttle

    I am here hoping to get anyone and everyone’s thoughts and advice. My new D Class was delivered last weekend and after I put it together to spec and charged the battery fully, I was ready to ride. I loaded in the battery, the control panel came on as it should and I set all the settings per AR...
  7. S

    Wanted: light ebike with throttle

    Hello, I'm new to ebikes, and am looking for some recommendations! I'm looking for an e bike that: is lightweight (preferably 30lbs or less) is stealthy looking has 3 bike modes (manual, pedal assist, and throttle) is suitable for someone who is 5'4 has a kickstand has suspension can be...
  8. S

    First Time buyer looking for opinions on daily use hybrid ebike, with throttle

    Hello, I am a first time (to be) consumer of ebikes. I am searching for an ebike that I can use in place of my car in a city setting with moderate hills, but also venture on decently long countryside rides and easy trails. The daily commute will be on all pavement, but they are Pennsylvania...
  9. T

    Generic ebike throttle ignition switch current rating?

    Hello, I'm working on a bike project. It's not an ebike, but I found an ebike throttle on Amazon that looks like it will work well for what I'm doing. This throttle has a keyed ignition switch. On a normal ebike I'm guessing that this would just be...
  10. F

    ebike parts closeout

    Too many parts to list... bags, batteries, racks, brakes, controllers, throttles, rims, spokes, chargers...... see or pm me for what u need
  11. S

    Controller connection issue (e-scooter)

    I have a motor (1500W) that I have trouble getting to work with my controller and throttle. The motor connection is a no-brainer but the throttle is not working. From what I’ve read it seems that the cable labled ”electric door lock (must be connected)” has something to do with the issue. The...
  12. Kad666

    Problem with throttle wire

    I have à problem with my throttle wire i dont have any black or red wire! How do I know which one do what? I need to connect the blue yellow white brown(my old throttle to the red black white (my new controller.).
  13. K

    Bafang BBSO2 motor keeps going

    Hi, I have a bbso2 mid drive on a yuba cargo bike. It was recently serviced (regreased and packed) and was working ok for a couple of rides, then suddenly the motor wouldn't cut out when I stopped pedaling and would just keep charging onwards. I can shut the motor off by turning pas down to 0...
  14. jonathankopp

    Elby S-1 9-Speed in Orange, Like New -- SOLD

    Elby 9-speed, orange e-bike. Barely used (134 mi.), like new. Awesome for commuting, errands, getting around. For sale in NYC by original owner. Asking $1,500. - 500W rear-hub BionX D-Series motor yields up to 80 miles on a single charge. Both throttle speed-control and 4 levels of pedal...
  15. G

    Throttle only setting

    Can anybody help with the Yolin YL80c controller? I thought PAS setting 0 would allow me to use the throttle only, but it is not working? Can this be done ? Thanks
  16. Z

    Throttle does not come back to its original position.

    The throttle won't come back to its original position and keeps accelerating non-stop. It looks like the spring/string is broken. Any idea how to solve this issue?
  17. mscir

    I need a 36V controller, throttle and battery charge display... suggestions?

    My neighbor bought an electric trike that quickly developed problems, the wiring was bad with bare wires shorting and sparking. I fixed that the bike ran sometimes but not others, it turns out the switch on the controller has a low and probably insufficient watt rating and it stopped working...
  18. S

    e-bike Rookie | 1st e-bike purchase advice

    First-time poster, future first-time owner! Looking for some advice on my first e-bike purchase: 1. I won't be commuting, but looking for a bike to enjoy around town, up and down the hilly roads of Atlanta. 2. As strange as this sounds (since it appears that most of the higher-quality ebikes...
  19. jkchang82

    Throttle hack?

    I'm a bike noob and was just curious if there are ways to hack a throttle onto the bike at all? I find it much more easier to ride having that option.
  20. Emma H

    Mid-drives with throttle/trigger?

    I have a Haibike speed pedelec, which I love. Unfortunately, the knee injury that first prompted me to get an ebike has been acting up with increased frequency and duration. After a month of forgoing my bike for a bus, I can make it 80% of the way to work without pain, but the 20% seems to set...