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    Finally in the elite club of EBikers!!!

    Hi, and happy EBiking! I just got my Priority Current. Hope to put some miles on it soon. I'm down in the Rio Grande Valley of Tx. , just minutes from Mexico. Pretty flat riding everywhere. I have a leg injury now that makes it painful to bend my leg much. With the seat up all the way I get...
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    Just joined with my throttled Priority Current!

    Hi all, I've been poking around the ebike world for some time now and ended up choosing a Priority Current, largely due to its belt drive, Class 3 ability, and price (also had a few good personal references). Unfortunately for me, the week it arrived a few months ago, I injured the ligament in...
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    Priority Current Shimano 5 speed - First impressions

    So I finally bought the current from costco. I was expecting the enviolo, but it turns out Costco version is Shimano. That's what you get from not paying attention :D Anyways, its 800$ less than what the Enviolo costs, and is indeed a very good bike. I have done about 20 miles on it now...
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    Now giving the bike to my sister. 👋
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    Priority just released a second battery option for the Current.

    When looking at ebikes, I had a lot of criteria that I wanted to meet. Unfortunately I couldn't find one that had everything I wanted. I ended up going for the Priority Current which ticked every box for me, except it didn't have a second battery. I still ended up getting it, because it offered...
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    Stuck in Analysis Hell - Please Help!! (Dost, Rize, Priority)

    I am currently stuck in analysis hell! I have been staring at and researching ebikes for weeks now with no clear direction on where to go (yes, I have scoured the forums and read just about every thread on these bikes). I think I have nailed it down to three models but I really need help getting...