Escaping th ebike restrictions


It's pretty much allowed in just about every situation that someone that's wheelchair bound can experience and partake in activities that were formally out of the question. I think most of think this is a good thing especially when it doesn't interfere with the rest of us doing our own thing.
There are bikers who became ebikers due to physical challenges they are experiencing. I think the Americans with disability laws should better protect those of us who fit into this category. My own case for example I'm on medication that's keeps my heart rate low because of this I can be involved in activities were I run out of breath meaning I can only ride my bike at a slow pace on mostly level ground slowly, Getting an ebike I thought would free me of this restriction. However I've ran into situations where I wasn't allowed on a bike path on my ebike. But I saw that on the adjoining foot path a person in an
Powered wheelchair. I told the park ranger my reason for using an ebike and he said he couldn't allow me to go on my ebike.unless I could leave the battery in my car.
I have a handicapped license plate on my motorcycle and my car due to my condition I wish States would just do more to allow the handicapped to participate in activities that historically they have been removed from . I'm just fed up with this BS from the government that just interferes with my life and the lives of others in similar situations. Maybe I will just go out and violate the regulations and go to court and hopefully it will raise enough cane to embarrassed them into making changes.
Wow, I've never had any problem on my etrike with Rangers at the state park near me. I quess if that happened with me I would peddle as far up trail as I could...and call 911 and see what happens. It cost a lot extra to make sure my motor was legal and I intend to ride it.
I invested in ebikes to improve my health. My riding was restricted with my pedal bike in extreme conditions like freezing temps, triple digit degree F heat, or 15-25 mph windy days. Only rain/snow/ice/laziness keeps me off my ebike.

We did a trip to Sedona, AZ, back in 2016 after spending several days at the south rim Grand Canyon with our ebikes. Sedona had an restriction for ebikes on the city bike trails and several pedal bike riders didn't hesitate to let us know. One even got the city park ranger involved to "point out my violation" and the park range acted like "why in are you bothering me about this and wasting my time?"

My city of ABQ, NM, is improving bike lanes and bike paths around town. Pretty much any new roads or re-pavings are now adding bike lanes. They are also considering allowing Class III ebikes on regular bike and Class I & II ebikes only paths. The only restriction for the Class III ebikes will be they are limited to the same 20 mph max speed as Class I & II ebikes. This can all change with a new administration at anytime.
Riding my trike is making improvements to my well being, both mentally and physically. Mostly the younger people on bikes and hiking have been real nice, and even helpful. I am never over 8 mph or so and they peddle passed me all the time. I pull over and stop if needed. I see ebikes running faster than that on the roads in the park. I've never been passed by a ebike on the bike/hike trails that I ride so far. I am sure that if there is a conflict with hi powered ebikes on the bike/hike trails and sidewalks it will affect people obeying the rules. I will make any change without a problem, except not being allowed to ride on public trails. I am lucky in that my disabled e-trike experiences have all been very pleasant. I would be very disappointed if I couldn't ride on park trails.
Those of us with disabilities, including myself, face this issue in many locations. When riding in questionable locations, I also carry my handicapped placard, but so far, I haven't had to use it. I wish this issue was being discussed more at public hearings, but in their haste to heap the hate on e-bikes, it is largely being ignored.

If a trail or MUP is clearly posted "No Ebikes", I ride elsewhere. Sometimes, not every trailhead on a particular trail is so marked. If I find one, I'll ride anyway and plead ignorance if stopped. If I see park police in a parking area, I find another trailhead. I do frequently violate the "Class 1 Only" trail rules, since I ride a class 2 bike. I use the throttle only to get started on hills and at road crossings. I'm courteous to others, don't ride like an idiot, and avoid crowds by riding on weekdays when possible. I've been questioned twice by park rangers so far but never asked to leave.

I guess I've been lucky up to this point, but I can't help being anxious about the future.
I have only been riding during weekends once at both the parks that I ride. I'm not into crowded activities and there are a lot of hikers and bike riders in my area. Park Police seem to target people doing stuff to get noticed. A 70yo fat guy doing 7mph on a tricycle doesn't seem to draw much attention. The trail signs ask for you to wear a helmet, follow directions of arrows and stay off hike only trails. None of which seems unreasonable to me.