EG Athens 350DX, Problem #2

Ken G.

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I have another problem with my EG Athens 350DX ebike that I cannot get an answer for, from EG Support:

The User Manual for my EG Athens 350DX, DOES NOT state how to perform any programming of the Controller/LCD system. And both of my EG Athens 350DX bikes DO NOT allow Throttle Mode in PAS Level 0 mode.

My question is: how do I program the Controller/LCD System to enable Throttle Mode in PAS Level 0 mode, for my EG Athens 350DX bikes??? Other less expensive E-bikes, including the Lectric XP ebike, openly address this setup programming in their much more complete and apparently correct User’s Manual.

Brief history: My wife and I have been biking for most of our lives but we are new to electric bikes. We bought two EG Athens 350DX e-bikes a few weeks ago. I was unable to read the small print in the user manual that came with the bike so I reached out to the EG support group and they sent me a PDF copy.

After comparing the PDF User Manual to our bikes actual operation, I found the manual to be totally incorrect in that a lot of statements for this bike’s functions/options, DID NOT work or were totally different for my bikes and from the way my bikes came programed to work… In addition to being incorrect in so many ways, the manual also DID NOT address a large number of items/topics relative to the bikes specifications and operation... I reached out again to the EG support group, and some questions were answered. However, EG would not answer all of my questions, and when I ask again, EG told me that “no one in the ebike industry depends on Specifications and/or User Manuals”… I am surprised and disappointed with this response from EG Bikes, as many other ebike manufactures (like the Lectric XP ebike, which is less expensive) provide a much more detailed User Manual that includes the setup and programming of the Controller/LCD System.

Has anyone else had the same level of difficulty with the User Manual for the EG Athens 350DX, and/or has anyone else experienced the same “lack of answers” (Customer Service) from the EG support group???
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Ken, in my experience, the majority of OEM bikes have very limited programing abilities.

In addition. most use PAS 0 = no motor power, from PAS or throttle.

And last, the firmware/programming on a bike can/will make it or break it. Some are fantastic, others are right out of the stone age. Some, myself included, will update a bike's controller and display to an aftermarket brand, to enable just about complete control over the bike's functions. Obviously doing something like that is going to blow your warranty, and DIY skills would be necessary. There's no manual that's going to tell you how to make the update on a wire by wire basis.
Hi “AHicks”, thank you for your response.

I do know that less expensive ebikes, like my neighbors Lectric XP, do state in their user manual how to enable the Throttle in PAS level 0 mode (I have been there when he enabled it).

And I personally prefer, at least at the beginning of my ride, to run in PAS level 0 mode, to get a better workout. With that said, there are times where I encounter some hills (while in PAS level 0) that having the throttle enabled, would help without changing to a different PAS level.

I believe that even the OEM manufactures of the Controller/LCD System have the ability to program most of the functions that I am interested in.

And I was told by the EG Support group, that
1. “Shops do NOT program the Motor controllers” and

2. “this is true throughout the industry, not just EG Bike. Because a wrong adjustment can burn out the motor controller. And controller factories takes this responsibility very seriously”.

Based on the response from EG Support, above, I believe that programming of the Controller/LCD on my bikes is possible, but not made available to the public… And thus, I am trying to find someone out there that could/would possibly provide that information, as, in my opinion, “Wayne”, from EG Support, either does not know, or will not provide.

Thank you again for your response. KenG
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Well,,,, the RAD controller/display is "programmable" as well for instance. It lets you set certain parameters like wheel diametter and max speed for instance. However, further parameter settings are locked down by the OEM and NOBODY has access to unlock it - making it impossible to program - which is what I was talking about in my first note (limited programming).

This is about the firmware used to program the controller display, some of it being out of the dark ages.....

Continue looking all you like. Best of luck regarding a positive outcome. One piece I can share that might help in that regard would be DDISPLAY and CONTROLLER specific manf and model info (vs. that of the bike manf). The bike make and model with help those familiar with those, but I'm pretty sure you'll find MUCH wider recognition if you could provide make and model info regarding the display and controller. It's very likely they are used on quite a few different manf's bikes. -Al
Hi Al. Thank you for your update.
I understand what you are saying but I am hoping someone with that knowledge will come forward. As a retired engineer and programmer, I am sure many engineers / programmers in that business know how to get into these systems…
Neither the display nor the controller box has any writings on the outside. I took the cover off of one of the bikes and took a pix of the controller module. I was surprise that the wording is completely in English. Pix follow:

Again, I can only hope that someone with this information will come forward and provide this information.
Thank you again Al. Stay well and germ free. KenG


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Ken, that's what's so frustrating to me! I retired with over 20 years in IT, much of it dealing with this kind of firmware thing (hand scanners and bar code readers for instance). I KNOW how simple that coding is, but yet the OEM's refuse to do the research or pay somebody to have it done right, or even leave it open so others can access it and fix the mess they are often left with. Proof of the potential to do it right, is the results other manf's are getting with this. It CAN be a pleasure to deal with....

That said, the pictures do not shed any light on the manf. of the controller or display. That info might make all the difference you need. -Al
Thank you again Al for your response.

I too have been in the computer business for more than 40 years, and 35 of that with a major manufacture. You are correct in that it is so frustrating that these OEM manufactures do not make their programming public. People like you and I have the insight and experience to program these “machines” but the bike manufactures, like EG, obviously, based on my experience, will not provide the information

And what is really hard for me to understand is that the EG Support group, states that “the bike shops” don’t know how to do this”!!! And, they never suggested to me that I take my e-bikes back to the place I bought them from, to have them corrected???

While I am new to the e-bike world, I cannot understand how anyone who sells their product to the public would not provide real support for their products. I know what message that sends to me, and I assume others get the same message I get. Had I known this ahead of time - - - - - - - - -

Thanks again for the support you have given. Please keep me in mind if you think of anything else. Stay well & God bless. KenG
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