EG Athens 350DX, Question #3

Ken G.

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I have another problem with my EG Athens 350DX ebike that I cannot get an answer for, from EG Support:

The User Manual for my EG Athens 350DX, DOES NOT state how to perform any programming of the Controller/LCD system. And both of my EG Athens 350DX bikes DO NOT address how to change the PAS Sensitivity..

My Question/Problem is: Concern for my wife possibility hurting herself. When she comes to a stop, she puts her foot or feet on the ground, and when people ahead of her start moving, she puts the first foot on the pedal, and before she has her second foot on the pedal, the PAS function detects movement, and the PAS acceleration function KICKS IN EARLY and speeds her into slower moving traffic ahead of her… This happens even in PAS Level 1 mode…

I believe that changing the PAS sensitivity would solve this problem and make this bike, in my opinion, safer to operate. I have witnessed my neighbor programming the PAS Sensitivity on his Lectric XP bike, which is far less expensive than my EG Athens 350DX bikes…

Brief history: My wife and I have been biking for most of our lives but we are new to electric bikes. We bought two EG Athens 350DX e-bikes a few weeks ago. I was unable to read the small print in the user manual that came with the bike so I reached out to the EG support group and they sent me a PDF copy.

After comparing the PDF User Manual to our bikes actual operation, I found the manual to be totally incorrect in that a lot of statements for this bike’s functions/options, DID NOT work or were totally different for my bikes and from the way my bikes came programed to work… In addition to being incorrect in so many ways, the manual also DID NOT address a large number of items/topics relative to the bikes specifications and operation... I reached out again to “Wayne” of the EG support group, and some questions were answered. However, EG would not answer all of my questions, and when I ask again,”Wayne” from EG Support told me that “no one in the ebike industry depends on Specifications and/or User Manuals”… I am surprised and disappointed with this response from EG Bikes, as many other ebike manufactures (like the Lectric XP ebike, which is less expensive) provide a much more detailed User Manual that includes the setup and programming of the Controller/LCD System.

Has anyone else had the same level of difficulty with the User Manual for the EG Athens 350DX??? And/or has anyone else experienced the same “lack of answers” (Poor Customer Service) from the EG support group???
We bought an EG Maui 500X back in 2015 and had the same concerns. You learn that riding an ebike is different. Use the brake levers for slow maneuvers or when stopped, to ensure the motor doesn't start accidentally. The 500X tended to start fast in PAS1, so it was better to start in PAS 0 and change to PAS 1 when moving.

I never contacted the shop or EG after purchase. I thought the bike worked fine.

As I recall, the bike had no user options, although I found it did have an options mode, but there were only 4 options and I left them alone. I gave that bike to my sister. I should ask how she is getting on with it. If I have to, I'll put in a better controller.

Having throttle in PAS 0 is nice for exercise, as one can feather in throttle as needed. The tradeoff is that you have to be careful walking the bike in PAS 0 as an inadvertant throttle bump gives you a walking wheelie. EVen though I have that option in my current ebikes, I keep throttle programmed to be off in PAS 0.
Hi HarryS. Thank you for the reply.

Does the EG Maui user manual document the 4 options you talked about? I went on EG web site and could not find that manual.

The Athens 350DX does have a “Walk Mode”(not addressed in the User Manual), which is enabled by holding the “Down Arrow” depressed, which actually puts the bike in PAS level 2 mode, but walks with you at about the appropriate speed. I agree if one is walking and bumps the throttle the bike will do a wheelie. My wife has difficulty keeping the brake levers pulled (to deactivate the motor) when starting out, and I would prefer to have the throttle enabled in PAS Level 0 mode… As “Wayne” from EG support will not tell me how to do this, I can only hope someone out there will provide the information.

Thanks again, Stay well and germ free. KenG
I recall that if I pressed both UP and DOWN right after turning pn the bike, the display went into option mode. This is a common method for other controllers. The only option I remember was 48, which I figured was the battery voltage. I searched the internet but never found a picture of a display that looked the same. It may have changed, but the EG system powered up as soon the battery was turned on. Other systems require pressing the center button between :up" and "down"

My Maui scared a lot of new riders because it was too powerful in PAS 1. That's typical of cadence systems with 500W power. After a while, I converted a smaller bike to electric, about the size of the Athens, and my wife preferred the smaller wheelbase, Then we went to 20" folders, and now she likes a 20" folding step-thru. We test rode the 2015 version of the Athens. and chose the Maui. I thought the Athens was quite mild mannered, and as I noted before, ebikes need a period of learning.

I can think of drastic hardware options, like putting an on/off switch in the PAS harness so it's disabled in PAS 1. Voids warranty, etc. I bought the Maui in 2015 and while it had a colorful owners manual, there was really nothing in it about the electrics.
Hi Harry. Thank you for the response.

Yes, there are some non-program modifications that I could make, but you are correct that it void the warranty on my bikes.

You are also correct in that if I hold both the “UP & Down” arrows (switches) the LCD will enter some minor program mode… This is one of many many things that are not spelled out in the EG Athens 350DX Users Manual.

1 is 36v. (Battery voltage)
2 is 207 (circumference of your tires??)
3 is mph vs KmH
4 is 130 (service related setting???)

I do not know what the value is in “the service related setting”.

I welcome any and all information relative to expanding the programmable settings to include throttle and other options.

Do you or does anyone know what values are acceptable in the Service Related Settings? I still cannot understand why “Wayne” of the EG Support group would not answer these questions.

We looked at the 20 inch foldable Lectric XP, which provides all the programmable customization I am looking for, and is much cheaper than our new Athens 350DX, but preferred the size of the Athens…

Thank you again Harry. Stay well and God Bless. KenG