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I have a problem with my EG Athens 350DX ebike that I cannot get an answer for, from EG Support:

The User Manual for my EG Athens 350DX states that when I power up the controller/LCD system, it should “come up in PAS Level 1 mode”. But my bikes come up in PAS Level 2 mode.

My question is how do I program the Controller/LCD System to change the default power up mode??? Also, I would prefer to have my wife’s bike power up in PAS Level 0 mode. How do I program the Controller/LCD System to do this?

Brief history: My wife and I have been biking for most of our lives but we are new to electric bikes. We bought two EG Athens 350DX e-bikes a few weeks ago. I was unable to read the small print in the user manual that came with the bike so I reached out to the EG support group and they sent me a PDF copy.

After comparing the PDF User Manual to our bikes actual operation, I found the manual to be totally incorrect in that a lot of statements for this bike’s functions/options DID NOT work or were totally different for my bikes and from the way my bikes came programed to work… In addition to being incorrect in so many ways, the manual also DID NOT address a large number of items/topics relative to the bikes specifications and operation...

I reached out again to the EG support group, and some questions were answered. However, EG would not answer all of my questions, and when I ask again, EG told me. and I quote, that “no one in the ebike industry depends on Specifications and/or User Manuals”…

I am surprised and disappointed with this response from EG, as many other ebike manufactures (like the Lectric XP ebike, which is much less expensive) provide a much more detailed User Manual that includes the setup and programming of the Controller/LCD System.

Has anyone else had the same level of difficulty with the User Manual for the EG Athens 350DX, and/or has anyone else experienced the same “lack of answers” from the EG support group???
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