EBO Commuter Kit

Tara D.

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One of the things I like about this kit is the amount of flexibility it allows with different width on the axles 100mm 120mm 130mm 135m
Also Available in a huge assortment of wheel sizes including 16″, 20″, 24″, 26″, 27.5″ (650B) and ~28″ (700c) so you can convert folding bikes, kids bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes etc. and they all cost the same

Not bad for ~$700 right?! You pay $25 to $50 extra for gears but that still makes for a sub-$1,000 ebike if you buy something cheap and it can be even more affordable if you already have a bike. How have you been doing bike wise Tara? I know the winter is coming so snow/slush and short days can limit riding but the weather has been pretty nice lately :)
Flats on my bike, and the trailer. Also the canvas on the trailer tore so I guess that is what I get for buying cheep oh well. It worked for the time my car was broken. That's fixed now so we are back to driving. PJ's bike is a balance one with solid "tires" so he doesn't have to worry about flats! Still cruising around on it every day. Start em young! Looking forward to next summer and making a lot of bike rides to the pool!
Who knows maybe by that time I will have something like this hooked up! He would love to go faster that's for sure!