Direct drive hub kit identification


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I recently picked up a kit off ebay for a sort of fun learning exercise on a budget. The goal is to add a cruising secondary front hub motor for open roads and leave my geared rear hub motor for the torque and efficiency climbing around everywhere else. Ideally this is a setup that can come on and off back to a reg front wheel and rear geared motor for transportability and weight reduction for the rides that don't require a lot of cruise speeds. I really like the idea of the grin all axle setups for this, and I think it could turn into a very slick setup but that wasn't in the budget yet, especially in this learning phase. I choose this motor on a cheap chance it could fit a role, already laced into a 24" wheel, generic looking 35mm wide motor listed at 1500w. I liked that it had the wire leads near the hub avoiding the end of the axle. 14mm axle. Side cover Marked FTNBP13523055350 I can see it has thin laminations. How can one verify the winding count? The marker writing on the stamped steel stator is hard to make out. I want to match up what I landed with on in Grins motor simulator and not sure which modeled motor matches up best.


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