Mid-Drive on a Single speed?


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I have a Single speed gravel/road bike. 46t ring up front and small ring in the back for faster flat road riding in Florida. I’m considering adding a Bafang MidDrive motor. I figure I would pedal with the motor off when starting (to save it from straining on the big single speed gearing) and then once I’m up to speed a bit, turn the motor on and use it to maintain high speeds and maybe even use a thumb throttle. Does that sound like an OK setup or is the hub drive what I should be going with? Or is either one just not a good idea with that type of gearing? I’m weighing the cost/advantages/disadvantages between converting my gravel bike or buying an assembled Ebike in the 28mph top speed class. Doing the conversion would save probably $500 or more and it sounds like the conversion might go a little faster, but the pre-built bikes all have gears and obviously are dialed-in from the factory. Thanks for any info!
get a premade or do what i had a lot of success with,use a 36 volt 500 watt frt wheel conversion,pretty seamless actually. probably give you 22-23 mph flat out-easy conversion.
Cool idea. I like it. This takes 'simplicity' to new heights! Let me know how it goes please.