Deciding between the Juiced RCS or the Rize RX and RX Pro (suggestions to other bikes welcomed).

The RIZE RX for its price and parts seems like a steal imo, but I don't know if there are better deals out there.
Feel free to knock yourself out looking, but pretty sure you're going to find it tough to beat.

Once received, suggest you ride the bike as-is for a couple hundred miles (at least 100) to provide a solid reference point in your mind. That should provide you with some pet gripes you'll want to change.

Meanwhile, there's a TON of reference material to be found here. Many of these notes will provide links to MORE reference material.

User Gionnirocket was doing a deep dive on the tuning for his BBS02. Betting he'd love to share some thoughts and give you some direction....
Gotcha and after doing the research (pretty much like you said) at that price point the RIZE RX is a very tough deal to beat. That being said, all things considered (with the potential of tuning in the future) I'll be choosing the RIZE RX as my first ebike. Thank you everyone on this thread for your help and I hope to be involved with this community soon🙏🏾
Welcome aboard!