rize bikes

  1. Matrix

    RadPower vs VoltBike???

    Hello guys. Im new down here and Im also new to the world of ebikes...so Im a little lost. I know Rize but they seems to have many issues with the customer service ans batteries. What do you think about Rad Power and Voltbike? I know Voltbike Yukon 750 limited seems to be rated very good and...
  2. H

    Deciding between the Juiced RCS or the Rize RX and RX Pro (suggestions to other bikes welcomed).

    After a couple months of researching ebikes, I believe I've narrowed it down to about 3 choices (kind of). I first narrowed it down to the juiced ripcurrent s (rcs), as it provided excellent on and off road performance, with excellent range. However, recently I've discovered that a fair amount...
  3. F

    Rize X and Bolt X have joined our stable!

    Well...the wait is over, Santa (FedEx) delivered our Black Rize X and White Bolt X. Boxes and packaging were all good,no issues. Rize X build took a while, fenders and rack take some effort. Overall, it went smooth and found zero issues. Bolt X build was half the time and super easy. Again no...