Clueless Slime question


My XPremium comes pre-Slimed. I've never used Slime and I'm not quite sure how to work with it.

I don't think "Slimed" = "never have a flat." It avoids some, but not all. So how do you repair it? Won't the Slime leak out of the puncture and goop up the tube & inside the tire?

How well does Slime prevent flats? Will carrying a pump get you through most puncture problems?
Slime is supposed to leak out and plug the hole and no you don’t need a pump. How well does it work well that depends on too many things.
Slim will prevent most thorn/nail/splinter caused flats. There may be a little pressure lost as some air can leaks out before the slime does it's job. Depending on how hazardous your paths are, your risk tolerance, and distance traveled from your start point (you can push the bike with a flat but a 70lb bike with a flat is not for the weak) I have over 4000 miles on a XP 1.0 same 4" fat tires as the Xpremium but a bit lighter than the Xpremium. I've had one flat that could not be fixed (I had Flat Out instead of Slime) with a patch kit because the sealant leaking out of the hole prevented the both patch kits I had (one glue less and one with glue) from sticking to the tube. I had to push the bike with a rear flat for 6 miles all flat surface and it was torturous with a 60lb Ebike. Never want to do that again so I carry a Crankbrothers Gem pump, spare tube, two tire levers and an adjustable wrench. I also have a different brand mid-drive ebike and have over 7000 miles on it and carry a chain break tool and a couple quick links in case the chain breaks. It is not common to have to do a flat repair or chain repair but 11,000 miles I've done maybe 10 flats, and the 7000 miles did 2 chain repairs on the mid-drive motor. Mid drive bikes are harder on the drive train so you should keep the chain lubricated and cleaned every few hundred miles if you want to avoid wearing out your rear freewheel gears, front chainring and the chain itself. I get about 2000 miles on a chain, 6000 miles on my gears and expect to get about 10,000 miles on my front chainring. When I wasn't doing routine chain cleaning and lubrication I ended up replacing chain and gears in about 1800 miles and the front chainring at about 2500.

After wasting too much money on some cheap pumps I finally settled in on the Crankbrothers Gem.

Mongoose 20" fat tube

There are a lot of crappy chain tools but this one is very good and only $7.99 at this writing

Most of the chain cleaners are crap but the Park Tool works for me pretty good but kinda pricey $30 and is rather messy too

I recently got this great master link plier and find that it's easier to just remove the chain and shake it in a jar of degreaser for a few minutes. It also comes in handy if your chain breaks but you can install a quick link by holding your brake and stepping on the bike peddle to set the link so it's not really needed to fix a broken chain, more used to remove a working chain for cleaning.

Good luck and happy riding!