Cadence choices in ebiking

As you have inspired me to watch my cadence on my rides again, I was paying attention to what I was doing on my Sunday ride. As I had heavy clothes on, my cadence was stiff at my 77 rpm and that's it! :)
From Strava, from a virtual race on an indoor spin bike
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From Strava, on an outdoor e-bike (single speed) metric century, approx 4 hours
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From Strava, just did on an analog (non e-bike) single speed 48x17 gear bike : 60 miles, 3300 ft elevation gain, 4.5 hours
I'm more of a spinner than many here I guess although I don't think I'm a particularly strong rider. Typically average in the upper 80's. I do think the type of riding definitely impacts the average cadence though. In urban/suburban rides I'm starting and stopping a lot, but that often means trying to get up to speed as quickly as possible which in turn means spinning faster. Riding on sidewalks and singletrack trails is always done at a lower RPM too. MUPs depend on how familiar I am with it and if there are any pedestrians.

Morning commutes(11+ miles) I often average in the low 90's as I'm just trying to get to work and know the best route for fewest stops, and the MUP is empty except for the same 3-4 dog walkers who are usually off the trail in the grass right of way. The ride home will usually be in the low-mid 80's as I will meander a bit and ride on side streets more. On longer weekend rides I'll usually low 80's maybe upper 70's if I'm spending time wandering around a shoreline or in a park.

My bike is 1x11, 50t equivalent on the front and 11-42t on the cassette.

today's ride: avg 86 , 28 miles
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