Bulls BMZ batteries


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Hi all, as mentioned in other posts I am having some difficulty with my Bulls E-Stream EVO 45AM battery. It is a BMZ battery so this applies only to BMZ-fitted bikes. The motor is a Brose TF. I am on battery number 2, and it has given up the ghost after minimal riding. I have opened comms with the dealer and Bulls, and am very much hoping that there is a fix that I haven’t tried yet (battery re-set/charger re-set, etc.). I am not optimistic given that battery No. 1 crapped out in a similar way. I certainly attempt to follow all instructions and we have another e-bike (Tern) and an e-trials bike (motorcycle) and follow the same regimen without any battery issues.

If you have any experience on this or ideas I’d be grateful to know. FWIW, the battery reads as though it is charging but after a normal charge time (overnight, etc), it reads as totally uncharged.