Valk XT Battery Fault


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I have a problem with my Valk 36v Battery. I had it rebuilt and it has come back to me with a potential problem. I opened the package and placed the battery into the mount on my bike. It showed a charge of 5% and the display had an error code of E 06. According to the manual, the code means 'Battery Voltage Error'. I have just started charging the battery (10.55 am) and will see how long before the charge light goes from Red to Green, and will then put it back onto the bike to see what level of charge is displaying.
(A short time later)
The charger changed from Red to Green (indicating a full charge) at 11.15 am (20 minutes). When I put the battery on the bike, it showed the charge as being 8% - which was what was happening before I had the battery refurbished. I know that the battery is already charged. Do any of you Gurus have any suggestions?
This is what the bike is showing. The error code is E06. According to the manual that means 'Battery Voltage Error'. Can I bypass the error, or reset something? Does it need 'fixing' by,
where I purchased the bike? I'm at a loss at what to do next.