Error on Fazua Ride 59


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Hi, I have a Focus Paralane2 v9.7 which has the Fazua Ride 50 Evation drive pack. I have been using this quite happily for around 5 years and several hundred trips. It works great. However today I did something I haven't done before and now I have an error message.
I had ridden around 70 km and over a cup of coffee I was demonstrating to a person interested in getting an e-bike how the Fazua system works - I removed the drive-pack and demonstrated how the battery can be removed from the drive-pack with a view to using a second battery for very long trips.
When I re-assembled the drive pack and put it back on the bike I got the steady yellow error light on the Fazua Remote fX handlebar control unit (there are 10 lights showing the battery level and an 11th error light).
I power up and the system immediately shows the error light, but still goes through the start-up procedure showing the green indicator lights then the blue, then the pink OK , but of course no power to the motor.
According to the manual:
"Lit yellow = "Soft Fault"
If a "Soft Fault" occurs, the status display is lit yellow. In this way, the drive system indicates that there is a temporary or non-critical"

A second on-line manual says the steady yellow error light indicates a faulty connection between the speed sensor and the bottom bracket. Does this indicate a faulty connection between the drive-pack and the bottom bracket?

Any idea what is wrong and how to fix it, am I supposed to follow some specific routine when inserting the battery?
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