Battery Charging Confusion


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I just received my new Frey AM1000 V6 bike. I am confused as to whether the battery is fully charged or not. When i plugged that battery into the charger the red light on the charger as well as the fan went on as it should. After only about 1-2 hours the charger showed a green light and the fan had stopped. When i placed the battery on the bike the display readout on the Bafang display only shows about 32-35% charged. When I switch the display over to read voltage in reads approx 46 volts. Is the battery fully charged? The Bafang display is saying it is not but when i go to plug the battery back into the charger the red light comes in for about 10 minutes as does the fan then changes back to a green light and the fan shuts off. I tried using a voltmeter and the charger reads 54.5V and the battery reads about the same. Any ideas???
Good question. Is it a 48V system? Sounds like it. I will go out on a limb and say that if you ride the bike for an hour then restart, the display will show a full charge.
What is going on?
At 54.5V the max for a new 48V battery. The display is recognizing it as a 52V battery. When you restart at under 52V it will recognize it as a 48V system at full charge.
The same thing happened on one of my bikes last week with a brand new display, never started, and brand new battery. When it settles in once this will not happen again.
32%-35% with 46 volts is about right according to what I have seen on my Frey. Mine tops out at 54.6v when full.
It honestly sounds like your charger may be bad. Try riding the battery down to around 20%, then do another charge. I would recommend that you video record the battery and charger when it hits green, then test with the volt meter. If the battery is showing anything low, plug the charger back in until green again. rinse and repeat. It will help you when contacting support. Good luck.