Advice please Creo - Best management of x2 RE batteries for a long ride

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Just seeking advice on the best way to manage 2 RE batteries for a long ride with a fair bit of climbing coming up. The ride is 125 kms (77 miles) but with 2,750m of climbing (9,000 ft). I will have my internal battery (320 Whr, but now after 140 charge cycles actually 292 Whr at full capacity) and x2 RE batteries (both rated at 160 Whr, 1 brand new and the other down to 145Whr after 76 charge cycles). I'm just wondering what is the best method for managing (and changing when necessary) the 2 RE batteries? Of course I could just go with the 'discharge both simultaneously' as I normally do, and once the internal and 1st RE battery get down to a low level (?5%, or 10% or 15%) and reduce power then put in the 2nd RE battery. Or I could set to discharge the 1st RE battery first, and then change to the 2nd RE battery and then perhaps change back to 'discharge both simultaneously'. There are a number of combinations and permutations, and of course I would want (actually need) to get as much out of all the batteries with a minimum time in the 'low power low battery' state. Any advice/assistance greatly appreciated.
This depends on where the worst climbs on your route will be. Reserve simultaneous discharging of both batteries for that area. The weakness of riding on the Range Extender only is it will usually go into the reduced assistance mode (10 down to 5% of that battery) whenever you really need the strongest assistance!

Simultaneous discharging gives you more assistance at low level of both Main and Extender batteries.
I'd say it is better to ride on the first RE-only in the first phase of the ride. Having a combination of main + RE for the rest of the ride will ensure peace of mind 😊
On my normal 40+ mile (+3500ft) loop I recently found I get better performance and range using both at the same time. When the first RE is low I swap the 2nd one. I was surprised at first but as Stefan pointed out, the RE goes into low power mode right when you need it.

There's one section that's a 10 mile climb with an avg 5% grade that I could burn through two of my REs (eco+sport+turbo mix). It started to make me question if the 3 RE's I have are worth the cost/weight.

As a test I went out again setting the discharge to both and remained between sport on flats and turbo on the climbs. My overall battery was higher while using one less RE.


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