Building electric bike - move parts from first electric bike to new bike? +4k trail video


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Hello all, i bike 20 miles every day to work and i have over 10,000 miles of experience in the last 2 years. I am looking for a new main bike to use everyday to go to work. I am very tall, 36" inseam and finding a good bike that fits is pretty tough, especially when trying to save money. My first new electric bike i bought 2 years ago was the Ariel Rider Rideal, 750w, 27" wheels, no suspension but a very strong motor. I have 7000 miles on it, but the frame is just a little too small for me, i can barely ride it comfortably (when turning my knees hit the handlebars, i already rose the handlebars up as far as i could and even extended them up with a riser) so i am looking for something else. Mainly i need a bike with front suspension forks. I just moved to a new place and i have to ride about 1/4 mile through a wooded stream path (4k helmet video posted below).

The bike i used in the video below is something i recently purchased, engwe ep-2 pro which is a 750w 4" fat tire folding bike that i like but it's just overkill for the 19 miles i ride on the pavement. For the 1/4 mile it's amazing, but i feel like a regular mountain bike with 2" or 3" wheels could do that trail no problem.

I already have the bike i want to build a new electric bike out of. It's a 29" mountain bike with hydraulic brakes. I want to basically remove all components from the Ariel Rider Rideal and put them onto this mountain bike. I understand that the wheels we be swapped so the motor stays in, would that be okay? Can i just remove all things off the Rideal and put them onto my mountain bike? Can anyone think of why i can't? I also bought an eggrider and i love that thing, so i want to use that on my new build. Can anyone talk me out of doing this or think i should just buy a new bike? I was thinking since the frame size is too small, i should just remove the things and get rid of the frame.

Here is a thread i made about a year ago detailing the new bike and most said i could build a custom DIY electric bike with it, now i have the idea to move the components.

The website has quit allowing search for a brand of bike. At least it didn't work, showing me 97 results of rad brand bikes when I input arie into the brand search box.
Ariel website won't let me look at their bikes unless I chat with them. No x box to shut off the popup screen.
So no help. If ariel rider is a hubmotor bike, I have moved hubmotor controller battery throttle pas pickup and brake handles between 2 different bikes before. Be sure to transfer the torque arm. I have used 6 different motors and 4 different controllers. Matching up the wire harness is required, along with dealing with different orders of phase wires and hall effect wires. Factory bikes have an internal wire harness which may not allow transfer. Factory bikes often have proprietary battery mount and connector which don't allow battery transfer to a different frame.
If one is a fat tire bike and the other a standard 135 mm dropout bike, the motor axle may not be long enough to put in the fat tire bike.
I don't know anything about eggriders except people seem to think they can ride faster. I broke my chin at 25 mph without electricity and don't really want to go over 23, even downhill. Gravel can be anywhere.
BTW I don't watch videos. They lock up my operating system requiring a power off and reboot.
Best of luck.
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The smaller wheels in the larger frame may feel/look a bit off, Nothing else should give you problems, disk brakes means no issues with a different wheel size like you would have with v or other rim brakes, If you can prepare well and be methodical its only a few hours work to swap over so if you dont like it swap back ;) and if the wheel size issue is a problem you can always pop the hub motor inside a larger wheel rim, $20 or less for spokes and another day of bike work ;)

go for it..