Brand New 700 Stolen -- Anyone need a new battery?


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Hi Everyone - Just a friendly reminder to invest in heavy duty locks! On the very first day of commuting my 700 Series was stolen via a cut cable lock (caught on video). Right from an office building parking garage. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised in downtown San Francisco.

I have the battery and charger. Battery is the new model (bike sold just a few months ago) and has 10 miles on it. Would rather sell to another rider than wasting it. Let me know.
If you buy the same, or insurance replaces, the bike you will have a nice second battery. You may recover the bike As well. A good reminder though, everyone should know that cable locks provide no protection from bike thieves. Do not waste any money on them.
Yes, keeping the battery is a good idea. I would look at bikes that have that same battery. I have the 700 series, but the older model with 18650 cells. It’s a great bike. I hope you can get it back. Did you happen to take a picture of the serial number? Did you add a seatpos or panniers to help identify it? Are you able to retrieve the video?