Bosch Kiox 300 Display Details & Settings


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Hi guys, I created complete and detailed walkthrough of the removable backlit color 2" LCD unit called the Bosch Kiox 300. This display panel is different from the original Bosch Kiox, which mounted magnetically vs. using a spring, and required a disposable coin battery vs. running directly off of the main rechargeable electric bike battery (the Bosch PowerTube 750 in this case). The Bosch Kiox 300 is lighter weight, has a larger 2" diagonal screen vs. 1.9", does not have buttons, and does not have a Micro-USB charging port like the original Bosch Kiox. Note that even though the Bosch LED Remote does have a USB-C port, it is not active for charging. The Bosch Smart System can be operated without the Kiox 300 display, as it only requires the LED Remote. I covered the LED Remote in a separate guide here and created a review of the eBike Flow smartphone app here.


Five active screens:
  • Screen 1: battery percentage, assist level with colors (OFF, ECO green, TOUR+ blue, eMTB purpole, and TURBO red), clock, connections (bluetooth low energy BLE 5.0), settings
  • Screen 2: power level infographic (dark color is motor power, light color is rider power, grey area is potential), current speed
  • Screen 3: trip distance, riding time, current speed
  • Screen 4: range estimate (dynamically updates based on assist level), battery percentage
  • Screen 5: power (in watts), cadence (in rotations per minute RPM)
Two shutdown trip summary screens:
  • Screen 1: trip distance, riding time, average speed, maximum speed
  • Screen 2: average power, average cadence, calories, total distance
As always, I appreciate your corrections, additions, and will do my best to provide answers and clarification as needed! Hope you're well :)
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now you have to include the smartphone holder as they are interchangeable now. I guess there is charging on the smartphone hub?
The new smartphone grip holder for the smart system isn’t available to purchase anywhere in the USA as of now. Seems usa dealers won’t get the new smartphone grip until sept 2022. I found a few smartphone grip holders for sale in European websites. Anyone know if the European smartphone grip holder can be used / interchangeable with the USA kiox300 display system?