BBSHD:Review by Electric Fat-bike


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Personally, I'm not letting this review dis-hearten me from my order. Simply from reading these forums and watching videos, all the issues listed below are expected. Personally, I don't plan on using my Fat tire bike on singletrack trails or anything hardcore. I'm using it for commuting in the snow to work, and for general fun and discovery. Anyways here's a review if you guys haven't seen it already.

Additionally, there are some parts of the article that I don't understand because I haven't programed a BBS system or compared them either... so feel free to chime in with elaborations of what Karl says in his review.
The way I see it is that it's built better than the BBS02, with a better controller and it comes with a 100mm option that is almost half the price I paid for my BBS02 conversion.

I think the review was a little harsh and that was probably because of unrealized (inflated) expectations.

For fat ebikes, there's just nothing that can beat it IMO.
He obviously feels it could handle a lot of amps and significantly outperform the 750 W BBS02. He's chasing a level of performance that is not going to work for the average guy looking for a good mid-drive at a value price. His gripe is that it won't push past 38 mph, admittedly on a slight downhill. The problem with the 750w version was that it could be pushed to 1200 watts + with the throttle, and that tended to kill the controller. At least the people who want a bulletproof 1200 watts should be happy. Nothing wrong with the over-engineered version.

I agree about Bafang not addressing the shifting issues. In the brief review that Turbo Bob did, it sounded pretty bad. E-rad has the shift sensor. You can use the brake levers as a 'clutch'.

He's having a lot of fun with his columns. Why take this stuff completely seriously?
LOL....not sure where he comes up with the Bafang speed readouts are notoriously inaccurate?? Almost every morning I ride through one of those towed police radar units that reads and displays your speed. I go through it with no cars in sight and (unless the radar unit is inaccurate) the speed it displays usually is exactly what the Bafang readout says. I play a little game and see if I can get the bike going up to 30 mph on the flat. Last push before my commute ends. Since I don't have the HD unit I have no opinion, but I can tell you that the 48v BBS02 750W drive is an incredible piece of engineering.....despite all my effort to destroy it, it just keeps on pouring out the power, eggin' me on!!!!!!

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It has been my experience that GPS systems can give less reliable readouts. Especially around tall building or enclosed hills. I had a Garmin jog tracker wrist gps (returned it), it showed me hoping from 1 side of the street to the other and even more crazy stuff, on a straight run, when displaying the route on my computer.
I have gotten a few rides in on my BBSHD and I am amazed at how quiet it is compared to my BBS02! In fact I don't even hear the motor, if I didn't feel it I would think it's not working. Loving it on my fat bike!