1. M

    BBS02 and BBSHD wear if not used

    If i have bafang engines not being used for a couple of years, just laying in my garage. Will they get bad in any way? Will anything wear, except battery?
  2. T

    BBSHD lack power while pedaling

    Hello, I recently replaced my 2-years old BBSHD with new one (wich I planned to use on another bicycle). And immediately feel what I need almost double the current to ride at the same speed. I tested and new and old bbshd on the same road: Eggrider screen. Same settings are programmed on both...
  3. C

    BBSHD Motor - Bottom Bracket Durability?

    Hi All, I've recently built a new ebike using a BBSHD motor on my MTB. I'm wondering if anyone can comment on the strength of the bottom bracket on the BBSHD motor? Is this motor able to handle rough MTB trail riding, jumping, etc? I cannot find any information online on this. I'm assuming...
  4. C

    Hello All, from a New eBike Rider!

    Hello Everyone, New ebike rider here. My ride is a '22 Specialized Rockhopper MTB, with a Bafang BBSHD mid-drive motor kit, with 52v 17.5AH battery. So far I really love the bike and kit. I have not gone on many trails yet but looking forward to taking this 57lb. beast on them to see just how...
  5. Air2air

    Worst possible MTB drivetrain brutality

    What a great forum, and thanks to all of you for sharing your knowledge. I've read every drivetrain thread on the forum but still don't see a clear solution: Every 2 weeks: Replace 9-11sp. cassette and chain. - Tried every combination of riveted/joined cog assemblies, cheap heavy steel etc...
  6. ElevenAD

    Has anyone done a Mongoose Juneau conversion?

    if yes were you able to fit a triangle battery pack? for some reason this looks like there is less space than a Dolomite but i like the look of this frame more.
  7. Jqke H

    Another BBSHD range thread (Full Throttle Range)

    I know there are dozens of other threads far too similar to this one, and I really don't mean to be an annoyance (I'm a noobie in this e-bike, and even bicycle, world), but I have some questions on the range I will get from my new setup. I ordered my BBSHD (with the ludicrous tune) from luna a...
  8. Wolfden

    BBSHD Main Gear Not Engaging Axle

    Hello, I just swapped the nylon secondary reduction gear for Luna’s steel gear. While the motor was opened up I applied plenty of grease on all the gears. My issue is that the main gear is not engaging the axle and therefore not spinning the chainring. I can confirm that all the gear are...
  9. TomasCH

    BBSHD Pedal assist (PAS) won't work after controller replacement

    Hi guys, I'd really use some help with this. Recently I needed to swap controller on my Bafang BBSHD mid drive e-bike due to error 30 of unknown nature. Connected the new replacement from ALiexpress no problem and tested with throttle OK. After I assembled all the components back on the frame...
  10. A

    Guten Tag from the DFW Metroplex

    In November of last year I completed my first ebike using a Bafang BBSHD and a Priority Continuum Bicycle. For me, I enjoy cycling, but I've found an ebike brings back the exhilaration of being a kid and the excitement of freewheeling all over again. Long story short, I've parted ways with my...
  11. BBassett

    Ebike Touring/Bike Camping

    Purpose-built for long-distance bike camping and touring. Tout Terrain Panamericana, BaFang BBSHD, RockShox Air suspension, Rohloff Speed-Hub, dynamo hub, single wheel suspended trailer. - Bike and Trailer
  12. D

    *Sold* Khs 4-season 1000 bbshd conversion $2100 obo

    Khs 4-season 1000 medium frame, converted into e-bike. Bafang bbshd, 750c color display, 52v 17.5ah LG mj1 battery, 42t front chainring. Have added fenders, rear rack, water bottle holder. Built and used for commuting, but with fat tires it will go anywhere and you'll have fun doing it. Have...
  13. 1

    Bafangusadirect review

    Hi, I wanted to post my experience with my bafang kit I purchased about Feb 2018 from the super short review for those that don't wanna read my long winded review is I have absolutely loved it if your thinking about buying one do it!!! Now for some details: I...
  14. Barkme Wolf

    BBSHD Build Video Diary

    Still in prep mode-
  15. Barry S

    Need help understanding motor wattage

    In regards to the Bafang G06 geared hub motor for instance, what's the internal difference between the 500W and 750W? Is there a noticeable difference in performance? What about between the BBS02 and BBSHD mid drives? I understand that peak output is determined by the controller/battery...
  16. S

    I need gearing advice for a 3 speed hub

    I've got a BBSHD with 52v's and it's currently geared 46tx 16t. At the speed the motor will run 1st gear is almost useless. It will top out at around 28mph on the flat. Would you swap the rear to 15t?
  17. M

    Reliability, function, safety in wet rainy weather

    Got a question for you extremists: How well does this BBSHD product perform in wet weather i.e. Heavy rain? I'm talking about the electrical parts like buttons, throttle control, LCD, switches, connections etc. I understand that it has an IP42 rating on the motor. But will the switches short out...
  18. Neal

    Finally finished my new fat bike build!

    I finally finished my new fat bike build I've been working on for a month now! I started with a Motobecane Boris the Brut Sprung. I then installed a BBSHD motor with the new color display, a 30 tooth chain ring, and a Panasonic 52 volt, 13.5 A/hr "GA" cell battery. I installed fenders, a...
  19. roshan

    Latest Greatest Kickass Biktrix Juggernaut

    Hi all, You know we always like to keep improving things on our bikes. We ran out of Juggernauts and we thought it's the perfect opportunity to make it even better than it already is. Check out these pictures. Can you spot the changes? PS: Who likes the full fenders?
  20. Jz1276

    Hd.1000 on a GT Fury Elite

    Hi everyone! Well I just sold my Cannondale and I found a bike I'd like to build up for myself, but it says that the BB measurements are 83mm. I have to get back to my rep at Bafang, but I'm unsure if this bike is a viable option now bc Bottom bracket sizes are: 68mm, 73, 100 and 120mm...