Has anyone done a Mongoose Juneau conversion?


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Ringoes New Jersey
if yes were you able to fit a triangle battery pack? for some reason this looks like there is less space than a Dolomite but i like the look of this frame more.
No I don't have personal experience but why triangle battery?

I think Reention Polly or Hailong type batteries look cleaner. (I know it's subjective)
i agree on the looks but i want the bike to run 52v 20ah if possible, i think the most you could squeeze into the biggest Hailong would be 52v maybe 17ah?
One thing is for sure i dont love the way the bag looks in that video, i worry that it may shake around.
Contact Jenny.

Jenny sold battery pack to many EBR members and she's been getting really good feedback.
Everybody seems to be happy with her service.

Jenny also confirmed that she sells Reention Polly.

Reention Polly holds 91 cells.
So you have two options:
48V 24.5Ah (91 cells)
52V 21Ah (84 cells)

You should contact her for price, people have been commenting how prices are really good.
Good service and good price, well worth a try.
52v 21ah would be stupendous! i was already thinking of getting a Dorado from her for my Rise, i didnt know she did different types.