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I wanted to post my experience with my bafang kit I purchased about Feb 2018 from www.bafangusadirect.com the super short review for those that don't wanna read my long winded review is I have absolutely loved it if your thinking about buying one do it!!!
Now for some details: I am a bike technician that is a former owner of a gas powered and electric bike shop I know work for dicks sporting goods as the lead bike tech I live 17 miles from dicks I am 5'10" and was 253 lbs extremely overweight i wanted to get back in shape and start commuting to and from work on my bike again as I had picked up almost 80 lb in 2 years while running my shop doing 80 hours a week at the shop and not much more so I researched the best I could and what would be best for my particular situation I decided on the Bafang BBSO2 kit sold at bafang USA direct I was putting it on a diamondback arroz 2 full suspension mountain bike originally I purchased the kit with colored monitor hydraulic brake switches and bought my battery from bicyclemotorworks on eBay a guy I purchase alot from when I was building motorized bikes he sold me a 52v nominal pack 10ish ah for 250.00 I bought a Luna 2 amp advanced charger now I have almost 700 miles so far on that bike with the only issue being I lost a magnet off my brake switch which was no big deal as I switched the kit out to a hardtail GT aggressor with mechanical brakes so I purchased the brake levers and gear sensor from someone on eBay it's much cheaper than buying it anywhere else in fact may be worth it to buy regular kit and add hydraulic switches and gear sensor if needed If I had to do it over I would have gotten the gear sensor as I broke an 11 tooth sprocket shifting in level 5 which sucked I highly recommended getting it when you buy the kit buy it too I have topped out at 1300ish watts not 750 like it's rated at but it's still legal the bbshd is only 200 more watts illegal 2 times the money and way heavier if you run 52v battery the motor will take it fine my top speed down a hill is 48.7 mph I can hit 29mph up the mountain here in Tennessee smokie mountains in level 3 in 9th (top) gear which is 11 tooth I have the 44 tooth sprocket wish I would have done the one for speed as the torque is incredible I can start on level 3 in 9th gear no problem now for some advise 1.put it on a good bike I had a flat on the cheap GT aggressor at 37 mph about died my diamondback had tubeless setup never had an issue 2. if you can fit it on a full suspension bike do it so much more comfortable on the way to work 3. Level 5 pedalling I can go 35ish miles no problem level 2 pedalling I can go over 75 miles no problem faster isn't better for the extra 5-7 mph screw that 4. Try mountain biking with out the motor then with it omg so much more fun without it with a big battery so if your not commuting buy a Luna 6ah mighty mini I want one so bad I can't take it just set my buddy up his bike is so light