BBSHD Motor - Bottom Bracket Durability?


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Hi All,

I've recently built a new ebike using a BBSHD motor on my MTB. I'm wondering if anyone can comment on the strength of the bottom bracket on the BBSHD motor? Is this motor able to handle rough MTB trail riding, jumping, etc? I cannot find any information online on this. I'm assuming it should be fine but hoping someone can confirm this.

Thanks! -Chris.
Jumping can be brutal but the BBSHD is one tough cookie. It’s road hard and put up wet on pedicabs and takes it! We sold many to MTB riders. I’d reduce amp output for longer life when being road hard. You won’t lose much speed.
Yeah, don't worry about the BBSHD Motor on an MTB. Rock solid setup. I beat the crap out or mine. I cannot foresee any issues you would have.